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So I went to see mums consultant yesterday and discussed other treatments she could possibly take alongside chemotherapy (carbo/gem). Mentioned Avastin and Parp Inhibitors specifically Olaparib. So the answer is got was that Avastin was only used as a first line treatment and as my mum has now had a reccurance she would not be suitable for this. In regards to Olaparib this is only offered on her third reccurance, so again she doesn't fit the guidelines for this either as it's her first recurrance ! (SO FRUSTRATING!!!!)

My question now is does anyone know of any other treatment that has been used or tested after or along side chemo?

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Hi there, thank you for up date that is so frustrating!!! I can imagine you feel as if your hands are tied behind your back.

Every time you ask a question that might help it is shot down by the people there to help. I often feel the oncs are just ticking the boxes not looking out side the box.

I really don't know what else to suggest. If some one does come up with something do ask the oncs but they keep making excuses why they can't offer another kind of treatment next to chemo then see if you can get a second opinion.

I am in a similar position to your mum. I feel more can be done but every time I ask a question to my oncs they shoot it down. I am on my third line & what has stuck in my mind is them saying, when there is no more treatment then there's no more treatment. It was very cold statement!!!!

We are not only fighting cancer but also fighting the people that are ment to keep us a live!!!!

Let's hope you get lots replies that can help your mum good luck Cindyxx


I have just finished front line treatment and have felt that I needed to wring out every tiny bit of information from the oncologists-I usually get the registrar and have felt completely fobbed off a couple of times. Sadly I think the answer is that they don't know the answer to your questions and are not willing to find out.

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Hi Neona, I am so happy you have finished your treatment good luck, fingers cross you stay in a good place for a very very long time.

Yes, you are right I don't think they really know what the answer is to our questions.

I saw the onc today that knows very little about very little. It is so frustrating I go in with a long list of questions & come out with a even longer list of questions. She comes over as if she has just landed on earth. She is nice but not helpful when I need as much support as I can get. Take care Cindyxx


I too like 85live4ever above feel like we're fighting the oncs and the system too! I think they forget that people like warriors like our Mums are people and not just items that fit into boxes! I'm sorry that I can't help with your question but I did want to mention that you're not alone...My mum is in a similar situation to yours. If you haven't already done so, nag her cancer nurse specialist; I know the nurse doesn't like me because I nag sometimes but honestly nothing gets done otherwise! There must be a trial for first recurrence and the CNS should know about that. Failing that, post a thread on here about First recurrence trials and I'm sure you'll get info :)

Stay strong, I understand your worry and frustration xxx

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