Thank you lovely ladies for all your advise last week, yesterday I went into have my weekly taxol and the same nurse was starting my treatment so I had a friendly chat with her and the senior nurse about the cannula and they both felt that yes some else should put the cannula in as the trainee nurse also said she just couldn't do it.. She looked after me and did everything else but the cannula and yes it went in first time yea yea and all went smoothly. I'm so relieved, something less to worry about.

Thank you and wishing everyone a good weekend



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  • Well done Karen...sounds like you handled it perfectly! Xx

  • Well done we do feel fearful in the Oncology ward because we are not in charge. I am delighted you had a chat and got this sorted. The younger nurse will have to stick with oranges for a bit longer! Having said that it was my gp who gave me a fine bruise a few weeks ago, the practice nurse was off and he wanted to do a rush 125. When having scope done in September the junior doc bent the needle in the cannula but though I got a bruise it wasnt sore. I said it to someone and they said he must have hit bone. Yes they have to learn but preferably not on us. When having scan contrast the other day, I asked for a small needle and got it and all was good.

  • Things we have to go through!! Ooo that sounds sore Suzuki.

    I agree with you practise on oranges for a bit longer!!


  • That's great news. I thought about you yesterday when I went for a blood transfusion. There was no phlebotomist to do my cannula so a trainee doctor came to do it, he explained that he was training and I thought of u straight away, here goes I thought.

    2 attempts and he couldn't do it. I suggested trying the other hand but he just didn't seam confident so I asked for someone else.

    I had the canula put in the lower part of my arm which I wasn't looking forward too, but she got it in first time so was more than pleased.

    Glad u got this sorted and your cannula in first time, it does stop the worry somewhat,

    Hope the chemo is going well

    Mandy, xx

  • Thanks it's hard isn't as you know they have to do their training but we all go through so much with chemo and other treatments, you just want it all to go as smoothly as possible.

    Thank s again, yes taxol going ok with little side affects, My fair has got really thin but I am getting away with it so haven't had it shaved off yet, we will see!!

    How are you doing?


  • I go into hospital Monday and have my op Tuesday.

    It's gonna be here now before I know it,.

    I still have anxiety about what I'm gonna do in hospital all day. I can't sit and just be. I don't know why, something has just taken over. I can't just sit and talk to friends without knitting or something,

    I don't know what's wrong with me or how to sort it. Iv never had anything like this before,

    While I'm typing this to you I'm fine but as soon as I stop and am doing nothing I can't settle.

    Even when I am in the car I need to do finger knitting or something, it's just annoying,

    Other than that I had my blood transfusion yesterday and seam to be doing really well.

    I'm gonna go out this afternoon and buy a couple of nighties for the hospital and get myself prepared.

    Thanks for listening,

    Mandy, xx

  • Anytime, it's very hard, it's all the stress you are under and that's the way you are dealing with it all. Bring knitting into hospital with you to.

    Glad you are doing well after the blood transfusion, that will give you a bit more energy.

    Take care and you know where we are if you need to talk xx

  • Sounds good Katen well done for pointing it out xxx Trish

  • Soo glad it's now over with no pain, well done you

  • Good. Really pleased it is sorted for you. Happy all round. Xx

  • That's great. One nurse told me that veins shrink if we're too worried. It sounds as though you did really well, and didn't put her off too much. Indo worry about trainees but we can't be too pincushion like.

  • Pleased for yoyuyoyu. xo

  • Pleased for you. Xo

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