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Hi All im new on here. I Had my first diagnosis 2004,age 24. with 9 months of chemo and full hysterectomy. I now have low grade serous. Cáncer is back in my abdomen and psoas muscle. I have Been told that there is no point having chemo, as this disease is chemo resistant. I am awaiting an answer from a surgical Team whether or not they can operate, as quite dangerous psoas muscle Attached to spine. They have put me on tamoxifin. Anybody going through similar? X

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  • Hi Jenn you are very young for this diagnosis and you have had a tough few years. Reading through your post I dont understand why your oncologist cant give you other chemos. I would really recommend a second opinion or ring the Ovacome Helpline on Monday for some assistance, all the best

  • Hear hear Suzuki! Jenz good luck and certainly get a second opinion. If what your doctor said is true then why are all us women bothering with chemo? I've been told my tumours are inoperable but I'm starting my fifth line treatment tomorrow. Weekly taxol for 18 weeks. Take care Jenz. Carole H 😊 x

  • Welcome to the site. I hope you find friendship and good advice.

    I suggest you write a new post and make it clear in the heading you're after advice for those with low grade disease. There are some women on here with it and that will make them focus.

    Good luck. x

  • Hi Jenzzz36.

    I am low grade 3b diag. 2014. Had debulking then watch and wait. Having changed hospitals,I was put on a hormone inhibitor for bet.15/18 months before recurrence. I am now on 1st line chemo. Whilst I was debulked to NED (no evidence of disease) I don't know why I didn't have chemo as, whilst low grade is known to be chemo resistant it can work at a level for some. Also I am informed that to be eligible for certain trials for low grade (MEK Inhibitor) a requirement for entry is to have had a line of chemo. I would ask for a 2nd opinion and ring the Ovacome helpline for info/advice.

  • Hi just read this and I’m going through the same x

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