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Ladies,hi,would like some advice if possible regarding a sudden change in my health.

Last chemo was December, and my next scan will be August. I have two small nodules in the lung which are growing slowly. So Oncologist obviously wants to see how they progress and give my body a chemo break.

So for 6 months I have felt great and almiost forgotten the big C, apart from tiredness which I always had. Then suddenly yesterday I felt totally wiped out, not just tired but physically weak, same feeling as experienced during worst chemo days. Today I have felt equally bad! Confused as to the sudden onset??? Is it the cancer? Is it my bloods? Or what? Also my abdomen feels very bloated and my weight is spiralling.

Have managed to get my bloods done today,results tomorrow, just quite frightening how quickly things can change.

Any thoughts please?

Jackie0 xx

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Hello Jackie. I have not experienced this so cannot really give any advice or thoughts.

I have not had a 6 month gap. My last gap was 4 months.

My abdomen is bloated on and off and my weight has also gone up.

Hope your bloods are ok. This could just turn out to be that you are just ill and it will pass. The last time I visited my GP he said that sometimes we can forget that we can catch normal viruses.

Virtual hug from me



Hi there Jackie ..

Weight gain doesn't necessarily mean a recurrence/great progression.

I have felt good today but do have days where I'm barely conscious there's soap in the bathroom.

I hope your results are reassuring. Xxxxx


Either way Jackie its a worry any change always is, but you have done the right thing in getting blood test done, did that include your Ca125. Hope bloods are ok and that puts your mind at rest, if not can you ring your CNS and have a chat get an earlier appointment.

Hope it nothing hugs xx


Hi Jackie sorry to hear your feeling so bad I have been the same for a few weeks now had my review three week ago but bloods were fine but because I feel so crap sent me for ct waiting results but weight as stated same but totally zapped of energy light headed stomach discomfort same as you didn't feel this zapped when on chemo let's hope it's nothing. To worry about hope bloods are ok x babs


Dear Jackie

Just wanted to send you my very best today and hope that you're feeling a bit better. My situation isn't quite the same but I certainly understand how scary it is when you're not feeling great and every twinge or ache you think the worst! In my experience once we have test results we know what we're dealing with and can see what they offer next.

All ladies here will understand how you're feeling - sometimes this is an exextremely leaky boat we're forced to sail! ! Xoxo


Hi,I am to have bloods done today,I finished chemo last June,but in the last 5day's I have felt dreadful,floated,so tired finding it hard to stay awake and my tummy is is sore,I am hopeing it's not bad news for either of us,big hug from Yvonne


Hi Jackie wanted to send you a big virtual hug and hope the blood results ok, or if you are anaemic for example that could explain it. Stay strong. Wish I could reassure you more, we all know the uncertainty of what each day brings is so hard. Let us know how things go.


Madeline xxx


hi. Hope your bloods are ok and it's somethign else. I had times after chemo, months after, when I would suddenly feel tired for no obvious reason. It could just be you're fighting off a virus but you're doign right getting it all checked out.


Thankyou all for your thoughts and advice! Still feeling wobbly and weak, but good news is that the blood tests are all positive and my CA125 has gone down to 18 from 24.

Maybe I was getting to feel well and complacent and this is a wake up and remember what you've got call!!



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