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Is it coming back ?????

Hi, I have been having a few niggles and am slightly worried it may be coming back. Its only been 6 weeks since my sixth chemo and three months since my debulking op.

I have been having pains in my abdomen, backache, swollen tummy and I keep running to the toilet. I had these symptoms prior to being diagnosed so you can see why I am worried. I have a CT scan booked for next Wednesday and then I see the doctor on the 21st.

Just wondered if it can come back this quick ?

Love Babs x x

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Oh, Babs, I do so hope not. You must be worried, i can understand that. however .......There have been a lot of tummy bugs etc going around, so I know we would not necessarily want one of these, but I hope it's something as simple as that. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you on Wednesday, I am glad you've managed to get a scan booked fairly quickly. Keep in touch

Love Wendy xx


Hi Babs -- right there with you. I've got a lot of swelling that I really really hope is not ascites, but fear it is, and some abdo pain too... and only had my last chemo a week ago. Got scan on Tuesday. So also hope to hear that it cannot, for either of us. Commiserations :(

Love Sue xxx


Have you been tested for a UTI - bladder infection? UTIs are common, especially after surgery. It might be worth asking your GP. The other symptoms, especially the abdo pain, are likely to be the results of surgery. It takes, according to surgeons, 18 months to 2 years for everything to settle down. You had surgery a few months ago.

Your body had just suffered two huge assualts - the cancer and then the surgery and chemo. You are not going to recover overnight,

I think we all have the same fears after chemo - I know I did. A gynae specialist nurse told me that, given that my CA125 was normal, the recurrence would be likely to be insidious - slow and initially symptomless.

Please consider getting a test for a UTI but apart from that, try to relax and take i easy until your review. Can you maybe console yourself with the thought that almost everyone has the same fears after treatment, but in most cases the fears are groundless? 80% of us respond to initial treatment, so the odds are on your favour.


Oh Babs. I really hope not. You are such a positive lady and I've admired the way you've dealt with everything so far. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you on Wednesday.

Chris x x


Dear Babs

I was like this for a while after first chemo ended. I think we all get niggles fro time to time and always fear the worst. The tummy can take ages to settle and you have so much scar tissue. I so hope it's nothing more . Thoughts are with you.

Love coco xx


Hi Babs

We all feel like this no matter how old hat we are at the chemo routine. It is a normal reaction. The fact that you have had chemo recently can cause an inflammatory reaction in the dying cancer cells, adhesions and muscular strain from your recent surgery may also be playing a part especially as you have been doing more returning to work and the hustle and bustle of Christmas. There are many reasons for your symptoms icluding anxiety. The scan will have the answers, there is nothing you can do but try and relax and be good to yourself. IF the cancer has returned the docs are onto it quickly and there ARE many different chemos to try, just a case of finding the right one for you.x

Lots of gentle loving hugs to keep you safe



Hope everything turns out ok Babs.

I really thought mine was coming back three months after the end of chemo. I had pains and was convinced my tummy was a bit swollen but my oncologist examined it and said it felt normal and my blood test was fine. Then in July I had three days of diarrhoea and was almost certain it was back as that had been one of my symptoms. However, everything then went back to normal. In November, I started vomiting one evening and told my husband if I still felt awful in the morning we should go to A&E. I was again almost sure it was the cancer. Then my husband started vomiting to the relief of both of us, we'd picked up a bug from a two year old we'd visited the previous day and both of her parents had gone down with it. Very probably Norovirus. Everything normal at my Follow Up appointment in December.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Love Mary xx


Hi Babs,

the same with me as the other ladies - It will be 2 years this spring since my last chemo, The niggling pains and twinges have only just started to subside. I was also told this was caused by leasions (scar tissue) and my tummy is still very swollen, very lobsided and I look as though I have another backside to my front now. I am now trying real hard to eat less because I gained so much weight but my tumy doesn`t seem to be getting any smaller. I supose if this is the small price to pay to be cancer free, I must shut up moaning.

But yes, I do understand your worry because I worried just the same even though my CA 125 remained at a low level.

The thing is I had no real symptoms with my OV cancer, and the ones I thought may have been related remained with me after the cancer had gone. Who knows darling, in the end I decided that I was using too much energy worrying about it returning and really I should have been enjoying the freedom of the cancer for as long as it lasted.

The only thing I do think about a lot is - how long do I have left in this life?

But having said that we could all think like that.

Bless you dear, do take care and I wish you all the luck in the world with the scan and blood tests.



Dear Babs

I've only just logged on to read your blog. I really do hope that these symptoms are harmless. I'm thinking it might be related to returning to work full-time straight away. Are you feeling tired as well? My dr always asks if I'm feeling tired because that's not good if combined with other 'symptoms'. I've been having strange twinges ever since my op and chemotherapy finished and I do find I need to go to the loo more often since the hysterectomy which I think is quite common. I think every one of us never stops thinking that it might be coming back.

I wonder if it would help to visit the Symptoms Tracker from the Main Ovacome web page. I found it very helpful as it gives you a record you can print off and see if there's a pattern emerging. I wonder if you could pop to see your GP to see if he/she thinks it could be something. I went to my GP on Friday and felt very reassured after a visit. Just because we've been referred to oncology doesn't mean we should check things out with a general practitioner.

Can you put your feet up? Or does this make you even more worried? I just wish I had something more helpful to say. I shall be thinking of you next Wednesday and awaiting news from the appointment of 21st. I hope you can think of something you'd really enjoy doing to distract yourself meantime.

with love xxxx Annie


Thank you everyone who left me messages reassuring me all the things I'm experiencing are normal. Maybe it is normal. I feel so well in myself and don't feel tired even though its been very busy at work. Maybe the frequent visits to the loo are due to drinking more tea at work and the back ache could be a recurrence of sciatica which I had a couple of years ago. As for the niggles in my abdomen as everyone says its probably scar tissue. As I said I feel well and am loving being back at work with all the girls and having fun. So until I hear different I will keep telling myself I'm fine

Love to ~All and thanks again Babs x x


Dear Babs

Happy New Year to you. I am sorry I have not been on the site for a while hence the late greeting.

I have just read your question and all the replies and am so glad that you are feeling better about your symptoms. You are always so positive and I am sure that this will keep you going until you know for sure what is going on. It is good that you have a scan booked on Wednesday and an appointment on the 21st.

I am so happy to hear that you are feeling well and are enjoying work. I will start back at work on 5th February and am really looking forward to it.

Have a lovely week and hope all goes well on Wednesday.

Lots of love

Samixa X X :-) :-)


Dear Babs

Sorry only just read this as not been on for a few days. Please try not to worry, I don't think our bodies ever feel the same again after what we have been through. As silly as it sounds we feel safe all the time we are having chemo as we know it is fighting all those nasty cells, then suddenly you're on your own with it. I know I felt quite scared when my chemo finished, as happy as I was that it was over.

Please remain positive, I hope and pray you will be ok.

Good luck for the scan Wednesday, and the 21st will be here before you know it.

In the meantime carry on enjoying your job and those lovely grandchildren.

Love Linda xx


Dear Babs ,

Can I echo what Linda and the others have said in trying to put your mind at rest ..

Have been having a few niggles on and off my self since I have been more active ..bending etc school and with my cleaning job ..but when resting at Christmas as we went away was ok ....

Think you will feel more at ease after your scan and appt later in the month ...

Try and rest a bit more if you can ..not easy I know but your job is full on ..

Take care now Babs xxx

Love Jan xxx


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