Paclitaxel reaction

Had my second round of Paclitaxel and Carboplatin on Thu. Unfortunately took a bad reaction to taxel. To go back to consultant to see what I can get next. Disappointed as I felt I was getting somewhere (in my head). I'm hoping they can just swap it for something else as I am meant to have my surgery after next dose.

Anyone had same reaction.?

It's a roller coaster.


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  • 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼 Yep!! Had an anaphylactic reaction to the taxol - scary and awful, followed by the crushing disappointment of not being able to continue the infusion. I was still allowed the carbo later the same day though after a bit of recovery time.

    Was swapped to Docetaxel for round 3, which is in the same family, but a different strain. They watched me like a hawk and it was fine, so I carried on with this drug instead for the rest of chemo.

    There are other options! Don't worry - I'm sure your oncologist will have a plan to discuss with you.

    Yosh x

  • Thanks for that. Like you I was upset at missing a treatment.

    It was a scary experience but you have put my mind at rest that I can continue.


  • There are other options and do contact your CNS tomorrow, She will have it flagged anyhow for your oncologist on your chart. Hopefully even lowering the dose can help the side effects. They are used to tweaking things around to suit us patients.

  • I reacted to carboplatin but not to taxol. There are lots of other drugs now I'm sure one of them will work for you. I hope the surgery is not postponed x

  • I had a bad reaction on my first infusion and they slowed it down and gave me extra anti hystomines, it did knock me out but I never had another problem and completed 6 months carbo taxol


  • I had a bad reaction after first dose of taxol. Had to go off chemo for 2 months to rest my poor liver. Resumed on carboplatin only. Liver enzymes remained high during chemo but we persisted with carboplatin which has been the mainstay for ovca for decades. I don't feel "deprived" not having had taxol.One year after my reaction , my enzymes are nomal. Six months since chemo finished and am feeling fitter and healthier than evidence of disease and ca125 of 9.

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