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Hi I was on carbo five years ago and cisplatiun the past year, my ca125 was 380 after two carbos it went down to 180. 4 weeks ago I had a slight reaction to the carbo was able to finish with extra dex and benadryl . Yesterday i loaded up with the extra again and had very little carbo in me when I got not such a good reaction. I stayed on IV for an hour and the extra benadryl, Next treatment is Weds with exta dex, little nervous I will me on cisplatium sister drug to carbo, has any had reaction to that after the carbo, Thank-you for any advice, Rose

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  • Hi Rose, I had to have my Carboplatin stopped after reaction on 4th then the same on 5th, so none on the 6th, just gemcitabena. am now on Avastin for maintenance. I am doing fine on this 3 weekly infusion. keep thinking good thoughts and all will be well, hugs from Jeanette x

  • Thank- you and God Bless

  • Hi Rose. I had a reaction to Carbo and switched to Cisplatin with no problems x

  • Thank-you it gets scary,glad yours went well.

  • rosebud12, I've had carbo/taxol, then cisplatin/taxol, and then carbo/taxol again. The cisplatin side effects are similar, but with Cisplatin I noticed my vision got worse and my sinuses were so dried out that they bled if I sneezed. However, I am currently NED, so I have no complaints!!!! Tesla

  • Hi Rosebud,I too had a reaction.Chronic itch during infusion,I was put on steroids for the rest of the treatment.My Onc told me it's a usual reaction when your put on Thor carbo a 2nd time, so I wasn't overly worried.Enjoy the rest of your weekend 😀

  • Mum had mild reaction to 5th cycle of 2nd line carbo, the stronger reaction to 6th cycle. She's just had first cisplatin and had no reaction. I did a bit of googling and it seems there is no relationship between having a reaction to carbo , and having a reaction to cisplatin. I hope it goes well for you on Wednesday

  • Thank- you everyone for your help, God Bless!

  • Hi i had reaction to carbo on cycle 3 this is 2nd time round on this chemo after reccurance july... asked chemo nurse if the oncologist was going to change to different chemo she said no just got to have it put through for longer on nxt dose.. but gemzar chemo on its own have no side effects.. xxx

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