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Names of consultants please

Went to my gp yesterday and he has said I need to give him the name of a consultant and hospital for a referral for a second opinion, can anyone please help me .....

I have also decided to look at avenues abroad, does anyone know how I go about getting my medical notes? Have asked my gynae nurse but she is uncertain of the procedure. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

Shabila xxx

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Hi Shabila

I haven't been in this position so can't offer any advice, although comments on this site suggest that the Royal Marsden offers the gold standard in the UK. But it seems a bit rich that your GP is expecting you to do the research!

All the best and hope you get some answers.

Linda xx


Um, the Marsden isn't necessarily best for Ovarian cancer. Ovacome has lots of names, but some are: Prof Leidermann at UCL, Dr Sarah Blagden at Hammersmith Hospital, Prof Hani Gabra at Imperical College/Queen Charlottes and Chelsea, Hammersmith Hospital.

I know all of these docs are extremely good. Please ring Ovacome - they might know who would be best for you - they have more names.


Sorry, didn't see the second part. You simply write to the hospital (medical records dept - if you call they will give details) requesting your notes. They usually ask for a small fee - 10p a page or something. I know you can get a remote second opinion from Memorial Sloane Kettering in New York City, based on your notes, but it costs $2,500 (that was three years ago, it might have gone up).


Hi Shabila,

I am not sure where you live, I am in Swanley Kent and since being diagnosed in May this year I have attended Maidstone Hospital. They have a separate oncology section and all I can say is they have been brilliant. I was first seen by Dr Jyothirmayi on the 7th June and she spent about 30 minutes explaining about my cancer which is primary peritoneal stage 111c. She told me everything plain and simple. Since then I have had 5 rounds of chemo ( 6th and last one on Thursday 22nd Nov) a Total Hysterectomy and a CT scan. I cant fault Maidstone Hospital. I know a couple of other ladies that attend the oncology dept and they both say the same. Just in case you wanted to contact them.

Kent Oncology Centre

Maidstone Hospital

Hermitage Lane

Maidstone ME16 9QQ

Telephone number 01622 225081

Hope you get your second opinion soon

Good Luck

Love Babs x x


Dear Shabila

Possibly one of the reasons for you selecting the consultant is to make sure their area of research covers your particular problems. I'm a bit surprised though as you'd think the Oncologist would be the best person to advise on this. Someone mentioned on another blog that it is your patient's right to ask for a second opinion and I certainly would if I felt I'd come to a bit of an impasse with my local hospital.

I haven't researched this yet - but I was vey impressed by Professor Hani Gabra who seemed very upbeat.

xxx I hope your search is fruitful. x Love Annie


I seem to remember that Ruth was excellent in advising Lizzie how to obtain 2nd opinions

Good luck.

Love Suex


My consultant is working at Northampton General Hospital, I believe he travels around the UK too and has written some very good papers, he qualified 20 years ago and has been amazing with the care I have received, the choices, nothing is too much trouble and can always make time for a meeting if I have any questions.

Mr Farhad Alexander-Sefre

I would definitely recommend him.



My dd has had the most excellent care at The Royal Marsden and has seen Ms Marielle Nobbenhuis and Professor John Shepherd.

Honey xx


I was under the excellent care of Mr Mould, Miss Nicola Macdonald and all their fabulous team at UCLH, London. It is very close to Euston Station and Kings Cross St Pancras Station. Wishing you well,

Sheila x


Sheila! How lovely to see you on here again. Just wanted to let you know I am still selling the cards at all the events I go to and I am continuing to do this. I will let you know how much I've raised after Christmas, as I've got a couple of events planned then. Hope things are well with you

Love Wendy xx


Thank you ladies for all your help. I have gotten things underway. Have written to the records department and waiting to hear back from them. I go to see my oncologist tomorrow and have a long list of questions to ask him before i go for a second opinion. Have already recieved feedback from a doctor in the States who has said there are many options if the Myocet does not work. Makes me wonder more and more if it's all to do with funding.

shabila xxx


Hi Shabila,

Thought you might be interested in this:



I have checked him out and he is totally legit. His paper was peer reviewed very favourably. Think he trained at Sloan Kettering in New York. I know of one American who has hot footed it over there on advice of her oncologist who mentioned his pioneering work.


Ps I also think that funding plays a huge part in NHS decisions. I know ladies in he states who are receiving Abraxane/Avastin combos as third line treatments and are doing very well. One I correspond with has been getting it once every two weeks for sixteen months and has been working throughout full time. Her tumours have been kept in checked at a really advanced stage. She has the same OVCA as me which is a really aggressive type. This two drugs are extremely expensive ..........


Hi Shabila,

if you can't make a decision, I'd recommend a call to Ruth on the helpline, on 0845 371 0554. I know she can advise on this and may help you to find someone where you don't have to travel too far. Good luck :-)

Love Wendy xx


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