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CA 125 levels rising


Hello ladies,

I had my Avastin infusion and scans last Thursday and was shocked to see my CA 125 levels had risen from 17 to 89. I met with the oncologist who said as the CT scan was clear, that he's not worried at the moment, as Avastin can cause CA to rise. IT hasn't stopped me worrying though - has anyone else experienced this?


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If your scan is clear keep thinking positive I eat a punnet of blueberries a day and a lemon with the skin drink green tea and also broccoli is brilliant I eat 3 heads a day I hope this helps sorry I don't no about avistien I'm on tamaxifen good luck

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Thanks Rosanne!

Hi Juliet. I can completely understand your worries. I finished 2nd line treatment in June 2015 and have been on 3 weekly Avastin since January 2015. Since just before Christmas, my ca125 has been creeping up slowly - to over 300 at its highest. I too had a CT scan in January which was clear and the Consultant continues to moniter levels every 6 weeks. For some reason, completely unexplainably, levels dropped to 177 about 10 weeks ago, but had gone up to 190 at last check 4 weeks ago. I am due next check in 2 weeks, and whilst I am expecting a further rise, I am ever hopeful of a miracle. The thought of more chemo is not something I relish. I was not aware that Avastin can cause levels to increase, but I will certainly check with Consultant at next appt. Try not to worry if you can (easier said than done), as that will only increase stress levels which in itself is not good. Fingers crossed for both of us that we remain well, but do let us know how things go. Sending all good wishes. Ali xx

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Hi Ali

Thanks for your reply - I am also due to have bloods done with Avastin infusion next week- one part of me feels I want to ignore the results so that I won't start worrying if it has risen more, and the other part is very anxious to find out. It's difficult to put this out of our minds I think...

Good luck with your bloods and let us know how it went.


Hi Juliet

My ca125 is creeping up while on avastin

Consultant says as long as I'm feeling ok not to worry. However that's certainly not an easy thing to do.

I've got blood test tomorrow pre avastin so will see how levels are.

Take care

Judy xx

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Thanks Judy

Good luck tomorrow and let us know how you get on,


Hello JuIiet

was also going to post about this. I am on Avastin and my Ca125 has risen from 18 in February to 58 in June. I know it isn't that high but it has more than doubled so I am really worried. I haven't been able to speak to the Oncologist but the CSN has advised me not to worry as I am feeling fine and I could have has an infection or some inflammation. This hasn't really settled my mind as I am not due a scan until October at the end of avastin. I am having another Ca125 test in a few weeks and if it is up again I think I will have to get some more answers. Did you have a routine scan at the end of avastin or for something else? Xx


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Hi Ann

I am due another scan in September/October and I think I am due to finish Avastin around that time. I will have bloods done Thursday 14th July and will try not to attach too much importance to the results if the levels are elevated again - but I know I will find that very difficult. Good luck with your bloods and let us know what the results are from next test.


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Thanks Juliet. I am due avastin and bloods on 13th July but may not get results for a few days. I am just keeping busy and trying not to think about it. Good luck with your bloods too.

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Thanks Ann! I'll be thinking of you on 13th

I know it's hard not to worry,but they obviously aren't, so, if you feel well just put it on the back burner and enjoy yourself,make lots of plans to do things you enjoy and be with people you want to be with.

There really is no sense in spending your good days worrying about what may not happen,I know how difficult that is,but that is how we all live our lives these days and I for one am not going down without a fight!

I haven't experienced your particular aspect,but I'm sure someone on this site has,all I can do is wish you well,but please don't worry just let the experts do that for you

Carole xxx

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Thanks Carole, this is good advice!


Hello All....Just want to let you know that at my last appointment with my medical oncologist, he said that now they are going more on how the patient is feeling rather than any of the test....blood or ct's. My CA125 has started to creep up slowly, too. I go again in August for my next blood test. We'll see how far they will let it climb, even if I continue to feel well, before ordering any further treatment. It's such a crap shoot, isn't it?

Let's just live every day and try to be happy!

My very best to all of you lovely ladies........Judy V

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Hi Judy - confusing isn't it? I do think that the oncologists give a very positive spin and that's good just doesn't stop us from reading into every little thing that's not clear............but you're so right , let's live in the moment and try not to worry! I spent a beautiful day in County Wicklow with my cousin in the gorgeous weather and enjoyed every minute!

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