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Tumour Maker - CA 135?


I had my second chemo after surgery (6th carbo/taxol in total with Avastin now included) yesterday and as my bloods were so good, the onc decided not to give me the Neulasta injection (happy days for me as I found it very hard to tolerate with the bone pain it caused). However, I need to get my bloods checked on 10th day and I notice that the tumour markers he is looking to have checked are CA125 and CA 135. I have checked on web and can't find any information on CA135. Is anyone familiar with this marker?

On a lighter note - I had a break from chemo for 10 weeks for surgery and my hair had grown quite quickly so that I had a nice covering after 10 weeks! It is now almost departed once more, I had entertained a high hope that perhaps it wouldn't fall out again, and expressed y disappointed to my daughter and my daughter's response was "Mam - you're alive! When you were diagnosed in June at Stage 4 we didn't know if you'd make it this far!" That put things into perspective with regard to my bald head! Thank you Steph, my beautiful daughter!.


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Sorry I cannot help you there but I do know that there is a test they do if you have a rare form of OC and is sent to London for analysis . x


Its hard when your hair is coming back to lose it again but hopefully you will be soon finished and look forward to a head of curls in the coming months. Your daughter is right really, concentrate on how well you are doing and the hair will come back in 2016. I have never heard of a 135 test either, possibly a new one?


Hi. I never heard of 135 marker, but I do know there is a 15.3 tumour marker used for breast cancer. Just wondered if there was a typo error in report.

But, if in doubt - do ask your Onc.

can understand your delight in not having to get Neulasta - I didn't like getting the injection, as it usually coincided with the start of the horrible side effects kicking in, and the injection exacerbated the effects : yuuk.

It is amazing how fast how hair grows back when we get a break from chemo though.

Take care, Daisies


Hi Juliet

That's great your bloods are fine so no need of the injections. One less side-effect to deal with!

I read somewhere that CA125 stands for Cancer 125 - this was the 125th attempt at identifying a tumour marker for Ovarian Cancer.

My hair is beginning to grow back after my last dose of paclitaxel. Not long now till you complete the course. It's amazing watching it all grow but guess what grows first - the odd Chin Hairs! I'd just got used to myself being nice and unhairy in the places we don't want hair and it seems to be growing back there faster than anywhere else.

I hope the rest of your treatment goes well and you keep fit and strong.

love Annie


Thanks Annie!


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