CA 125 risen on avastin

I have been booked in for a scan as my CA125 is now up to 169 so I assume

I won't be on Avastin after the results. Bit disappointed as I had hoped to have

my quota , only had 11. It's all up the air until results, I would like to think it's

a false reading but in my heart I know it's an indication the cancer is on the move

Those of you who are NED live every day and make the most of it. Wish it was



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  • So sorry to hear that your 125 has gone up but wait until the scan results until you get worried. Even then remember there are treatments out there to make you well and stable again if the worse happens

  • I am sorry that your CA125 has gone up whilst on Avastin this also happened to me whilst I was on too quite early on in my treatment.

    I have low grade disease so I knew before we started treatment that it might not work for me. I have always tried to take the view that cancer drugs are highly toxic so if its not working then it is better for my body to stop them.

    Although my CA125 has continued to rise my scans were stable for 6 months. I am currently on hormone therapy and find out next month if that is working for me.

  • Hi bobbie, I was in the same boat as you , my ca125 started to go up around the 11/12 dose of avastin ,I had a scan and oncologist said there had not been much change from the last one and she decided to let me continue on the avastin as she felt avastin was slowing things down due to my ca125 usually goes up quickly when things are active again . I have had 17 now ,my ca125 has been going up but slowly , I'm Having my 3 monthly scan again in a couple of weeks so another decision will be made after then . I was not NED after second line chemo but I have had at the moment a longer time off main chemo than from the 1st line so I know that avastin has helped for me . I try not to get to hung up now on ca125 and wait for scan results .

  • Thank you ladies for your replies. It's reassuring to hear similar treatment outcomes.

    I have been up in the night vomiting, not sure if it's having paid a visit to Magamamas with my daughter yesterday , also have diarrhoea. Do any of you have this from Avastin, I have had attacks before and it does pass the next day (with the help of an Imodium) Feeling better in the head though ! Bobbie

  • My experience is similar to lancy. I've been on avastin after second line chemo for 18 months and my CA125 is going up. A scan in January showed a small amount of tumour growth. I'm continuing on avastin for now as they think it is slowing it down - rising very slowly. I'm seeing the docs in 8 weeks and having an interim CA125 test - at my request - because my CA125 rose slowly when the last recurrence started but then suddenly started going up much faster and I want to know as soon as it does and get a scan booked. It's 124 now. I have few side effects.

  • Hi, i managed to get to 11 of advastin, then my ca125 went up to 750 . Advastin was stopped. I dont know how high it is now. The Doctor did,nt seem interested in my ca125, i did ask him. Had one of gem/carbo. But see him on Thursday ,to see if i get anymore,as that one dose affected my liver. My ct scan did show enlarged lymph nodes. I agree there is other treatments out there,so chin up .xx

  • Hi to all , same happening to me diagnosed april 2014 , 3 carbo taxol debulking surgery then 3 more carbo taxol , Avastin was introduced at the last chemo as my ca125 numbers where still in there 30s , had 9 avastin treatment my numbers now at 80 , I know it's a sign of recurrance had no real remmision so far hoping for some after 2nd line treatment , here's praying x

  • After my first lot of treatment of carbo/taxol my CA125 didn't get particularly low 573 was my best. On the Avastin I got to about 11 treatments too, CA125 was sitting around the 700's then it has risen really fast to over 3000. After the first large increase I had a scan like you hoping it was an anomaly but no the tumours in my lymph nodes are growing. So they've stopped the Avastin and I am now on weekly cisplatin treatments for two lots of 3 weeks and an aural chemo etoposide. Couldn't get an update on how it was doing after the first treatment, as it was too soon apparently (not for me!) but it will be my third on Friday and am so keeping my fingers crossed something will start a downward trend. Hard to keep positive when those numbers keep rising x

  • I do hope your count goes down, I know we shouldn't get hung up on it but I was so excited when my CA went down at first on Avastin, it was so disappointing when it started to rise as I had heard so much about it, how hard people had fought to get it etc. I was expecting great things of it. Only 2 weeks to my scan, I have to stop thinking about it all and live my life. All Mums have a lovely day tomorrow Bobbie

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