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Well, I’m back from the conference.

It was an interesting day with several speakers. There was some interesting talk about trials that answered a lot of my questions and what is in the pipeline like immunotherapy. Also a lot about delays in diagnosis; we all know about that. Some of the information was far too scientific for me to understand!

I met a lovely lady from our site Seasun (Linda).

All in all, definitely worth attending.

ON ANOTHER SUBJECT, has anybody else received an email from somebody called suesaunders25. The email said it was from HealthUnlocked. Very long winded but a complete scam.

Kathy x

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Hello Kathy,

It was great to meet you at the conference!

Yes it was a good day, my head was spinning.

I was encouraged to learn of SO many advances in OC treatment/understanding in the last 10 years & much more to come!

We had a nice lunch & were able to sit out in the sunshine in the lovely (huge!) grounds of Reading University.

Wishing you well Kathy & all the other ladies here xoxo

P.S. I blocked that posting from Mrs Saunders, what a strange post..

I would have thought the Ovacome team would have deleted it?

Yes I had an email too. I'very blocked her now. I agree. A huge scam

Yes, I received an email from that person too! The Whole msg didnt load, which indicated it was a scam email, so I deleted it!xxxDawn!😀🌻😀

Thank you for telling us how the Conference went. Sounds as though we missed a very interesting day.🤔 Re the scam, Ovacome have blocked the person and I think they were also warning HU . Love, Solange 😊

I also had that message, which didn't load, so guessed it may be a scam

I was at the conference too.

It was a little scientific at one point wasn’t it. But I learnt a lot.

I was pleased as I hadn’t met any ladies yet with OC until the conference. Lovely sitting in the sun and making new friends.

I also had the email from suesaunders.

HealthUnlocked have deleted it but I was surprised it got through their security.

These days are amazing eh? I'm still spouting my newly found information and found optimism and strength from fellow attendendees and experts! Xx

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