Thanks to you all for oopherectomy advice

Good evening,

Had my BSO op on Thursday. Got home yesterday. The biggest challenge was getting over the anaesthetic. As a result had to spend the night in hospital because I just could not wake up! Both the anaesthetist and the consultant said that I was very well informed about the procedure, pain relief etc. That is thanks to all of you.

Feel sore and waiting for the menopausal symptoms to kick in but I am also very relieved that the op is over and that I no longer have those bits in my body. Huge thanks to you all for the advice and support you gave me when I first posted.

You are an incredibly supportive bunch!


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  • Take it easy x

  • Glad you are home. Make sure you get plenty of rest x

  • Glad your op is over, remember though, take it easy, a little bit more each day and you'll soon be back to normal. Give caffeine a miss, makes menopausal symptoms worse. Ann xx

  • Thanks Ann,

    HAve been looking into alternatives to caffeine in the last few weeks on your advice. Some fruit teas are surprisingly nice ( after years of thinking they are all yuck!)


  • You must be really glad to get home so that you can start to heal. Take it really easy and slowly get back up to normal speed, and like Ann said watch the caffeine levels. Take care ❤️Xx Jane

  • Thanks Jane,

    It is good to be home. Getting back to normal speed slowly. Have definitely reduced caffeine levels in the last few weeks as part of my plan for dealing with post -op symptoms!


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