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Thanks to my GP

Six months ago I was posting here desperately frustrated by the hospitals attitude to giving me my six montly blood test results. I got loads of advice and was extremely grateful to you all for helping me get over my anger!

Today I've received my next set of results - All clear which is fabulous news. This time my test was done at the GP's, the appointment and test were handled swiftly and easily and now my GP has not only written to me with the results as soon as they were in he's also given me my next four request forms, without being asked, so I can just pop in whenever I need to get another test done. Thanks Dr very thoughtful :)

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It's good to have a GP like that! So many people have problems getting their GP to admit there is something wrong in the first place! My GP is another brilliant one, in fact all the surgery are great.

I think a big thank you to all he decent gps out here is required



What great news, Homphomp! So glad your results are good and your GP is so supportive. it's great to know there are some good ones out there who show awareness and understanding. Mine always seems to make me feel I am being a bit of a nuisance, even though I only go there only once in a while........ I don't think I've been there at all this year !

Love Wendy xx


Good news Homphomp.

I am one of the lucky ones who has a wonderful GP. She will even ring up from time to time to see how I am doing! Tho I must say all the Doctors in my practice are pretty good ( I hasten to add I haven't made a practice of trying them all out!)There are many wonderful GP's out there and we are lucky if we get one.

So I agree with you Chris.


Love Suex


Fantastic, brilliant news. Not only that your tests are clear, which is reassuring in itself, but that you've got such a good relationship with your GP. This is the National Health at its best.

I'm echoing all the tributes to GPs. Mine is absolutely brilliant and told me to drop in any time just to see him and have a chat. Now that's really reassuring. He's even told me I don't go and see him often enough! Wendy perhaps you could find a better one. It's shocking yours makes you feel a bit of a nuisance when you have such a serious condition.

Thanks GPs and all the staff in the many good surgeries.


It's great to have a GP you can relate to and trust. I spent a couple of years going to my GP who treated me as a middle-aged hypochondriac. Luckily a new doctor joined the practice so I went to her instead - she listened to me, examined me, immediately sent me for tests and that's when it was discovered I had OC. I believe she saved my life. I feel very lucky that I now have her and my oncologist who I have complete faith in.

Cathy xx


Good to hear your test results are good news and that you have a GP you can trust and rely on ..Good GPs are worth their weight in gold .

Ours of thirty years plus retired last year on the day I needed to see someone re my bladder which was the start of all this .... Saw a lady doc as my neighbor had seen her and said she was good and she was ! I count my blessing we have her at our surgery...

Love Janet xxx


Great news love x G x :-)


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