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Thank you to everyone for all your support

Hi there to everyone,

I wanted to thank everyone for their advice and support over the last few months. Now I have some really good news, which has left me so relieved. Following the diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer in February, I underwent a TAH and BSO, late in March which I was told went well but with some surprises and more complicated than expected. The final outcome was that I had stage 4 endometriosis with a tumour of 13cm in diameter which finally this turned out to be benign.

As I feel a bit of a fraud now I think it best that I leave you guys. But I wish each and everyone of you all the very best, remain positive, don't feel isolated or alone as there is always someone here to listen.


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Great news on your results, no way should you feel being a fraud, keep in touch because your experience can still be of good value to other newcomers on this site. Love Paul and Sandra xx


It's lovely to hear good news.... I'm sure everyone was so relieved. Good luck for the future.

Love n hugs



Dear Poppy,

Why would anyone think you a fraud? You've been through the nightmare from which we all want to wake up, and in a sense you have.

WONDERFUL news! Look after yourself well, with the precious knowledge of all you have to cherish. I am more pleased about this than anything in ages.

All love,



No need to feel a fraud. Endometriosis is hardly a walk in the park but so glad your tumour wasn't malignant.

All the best for a healthy future.



What excellent news. You have lived the fear every one of the ladies here has experienced. How then can you regard yourself as a fraud. It is great news that I am sure everyone here is pleased to hear, Best wishes to you.

Andy and Angie


Very pleased for you. Thank you for telling us. It makes a nice change!



What fabulous news

Take care



So good of you to let us know, and so lovely to have good news as well... Thank you.. we all feel like celebrating enjoy the rest of your life with a capital L :-) :-)

Love and best wishes x G x :-) :-D :-D


I replied on the other thread, but wanted to repeat on this one, in case there is a problem with the duplicate. Just wanted to add my congratulations. It's the best news you could have hoped for. You will have been through such arrange of emotions and, I guess, you will never think about things in quite the same way again. Life is good..........enjoy and savour each moment :-)

Love Wendy xx


Wow , this is fantastic news....thanks for sharing with us. Please do not think you were a fraud .....you had a perfectly genuine concern. Sharing your story and its outcome will be really helpful for new members.

Do take things easy after your operation and enjoy the summer.

Love and many healing hugs

Charlie xxx


What wonderful news, so pleased for you, Take care.

Love Sue xx


Dear Poppy,

I'm very happy with your result. Congratulations!!




That's great news Poppy. So pleased for you. Of course you're not a fraud. You have been through a tough time so hope you can now relax and get on with your life.

Love Mary xx


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