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I am about to start 3rd line with carboplatin/caelyx and am in one of those"Oh no! I just can't do this again" moods. I have looked up the Macmillan site and scared myself silly. I have a sort of memory that this site gathers up topics so I might be able to find a special caelyx heading and all your experiences under it to reassure myself a bit. Every one here is so honest and straight forward I have become a bit dependent on you to help me though the frightened bits. But I am not computer savvy and finding information is tricky. Help please Help!

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  • Hi

    If you look at your post, you will see 'caelyx' in blue, tap on this and it will take you to a new page with lots of caelyx comments from members. Hope this helps, stay strong😀

  • Thanks a million. My geeky son in law tells me computers "are just intuitive" and I say "Oh yeah! Like knitting?" I guess intuition comes more easily to some. Very useful to have that sorted. Thank you. Liz

  • I think that 'about to start' is something we'll all recognise. It's so much worse going into the next course of treatment but with all we know about what it's likely to entail. I had my second IV for 3rd line ten days ago and as I come out of feeling awful for a few days I'm already thinking 'well that's a third done'. Though I'm not saying I won't be dreading the next treatment. I'm not on caelyx but hope you find the information you need. This site is so wonderful for information and support.

  • A visit to this site and the encouragement if affords has already cheered me up a lot. Thank you and good luck with the next four. Liz

  • Hi

    I did second line as carbo/Caelyx. I was worried when I did it, heard horror stories etc but have to say that it's been the easiest for me so far. I had carbo/taxol first line weekly as part of icon 8. that was fine but time consuming. I'm currently back on carbo/taxol but 3 weekly and am struggling for the first week. Carbo/Caelyx, I worked through. no side effects to speak off, apart from last cycle when I got hit with fatigue. I prepared for rashes, mouth ulcers, dry skin et. but I was ok.

    I hope that this reassures you a little, it's always the fear of the unknown that gets built up in your mind.

    All the best

    Dawn xx

  • This is wonderfully comforting. Thank you Dawn. If you can do it I'm telling myself so can I. It's such a relief to talk to someone who has been there. Best of luck with carbo/taxol. I did that for 1st line and it gave me a long remission of over 2 years but I found it very hard to take at the time. Liz XX

  • Hello, I completed 6 mo. of Carbo/Caelyx and due to advice on taking supplements (probably in posts rec. to you) I had virtually no side effects. 2 scans after and 2 of 3 tumours had shrunk and continued to do so. Good luck

  • Oh! What good news! I hope you are having a good remission from it! Thank you for making me feel a whole lot better. The official list of side effects I was given had me in quite a funk. Good travelling, Liz

  • Liz they have to give you a list of side effects and if that is not enough then we google to see if they missed anything. Remember the side effects are possible not probable. Some good stories on this thread re Caeylex although others had it rough. We are all different. It is a worry when we have to go down the same old road again but once you start it you wont feel so bad. I wish you the very best

  • I think you've got me taped. I had a good laugh at this.

  • I felt just like you at the beginning of October last year when I was just about to start 3rd line carbo taxol but now I'm whooping with relief at getting through it and putting it all back in its box for a while. My follow up scan was pretty good and now I'm enjoying my freedom. It'll be your turn soon. Wishing you strength for now and good things to come.

    Beth x

  • That is the real point isn't it? There is light at the end of the tunnel and once you get to it the whole thing looks different. I need reminding sometimes !!

  • I've just had my 4th treatment of carbo /Calex am going okay so far have a few rashes but they are not itchy Feel really yuk for about 3/4 days after treatment My Levels have dropped to 22 so am pleased with that My scan showed tumer has shrunk only 2more to go .Then see what comes next Good luck

  • It sounds as though it is working for you. Thank goodness for that. Slog on Cathy. i hope it comes out well for me too. One of my main worries is that I live alone and although children would come to be with me none of them live near, all are working and it is not easy for them, though they never say so. I am hoping to get through it without disrupting their lives so it is good to know you only feel yuk for a few days. And so we soldier on !

  • I do hope all goes well for you to and you don't get any side effects it's certainly been a lot easier than the first chemo and the time between treatments makes it easier to I've been having it 4 weekly .Good luck keep in touch and let me know how your going

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