All clear !!!!!

Hi all sorry I haven't been on for a while been busy with hospital appointments and visitors. I have been told my results are as follows Borderline Tumour, 99% All removed in the operation but will be kept under the hospital for 5 years whereby I have been given my macmillan nurses number and my doctor has that if anything untoward presents itself in the next five years to ring it and I will be given an appointment within a week, instead of the 3months I waited for it all to be sorted. Really pleased with that!!!!!

I was admitted as day patient yesterday to remove my stent from the bladder due to reconstructive surgery to the bladder pipe to my kidney damage caused by tumour. All went well I am really happy because I was in so much pain with the stent I couldn't walk so feelin really good this morning . I was anesthetised for this as not a pain free proceedure, even though they say it is lol!!!

I must say feelin much better this morning no pain , and good news all round.

I would like to wish you all a very merry christmas and fab new year and would like to thank you for your kindness and support through my difficult times I won't forget you .You are the most wonderful and courageous people I have met and should pride yourself on how wonderful you all are , i will keep in touch from time to time to see how you are all getting on .

so on that note .........,

I will say bye for now my love and best wishes to you all from the bottom of my heart. I truely hope medicine find a cure fast to help everyone with this horrible disease. God bless. :))

Lena xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • That is such lovely uplifting news, you must feel like you're on cloud nine! Wishing you all the very best x

  • Thanks for sharing your good news. Good luck for the future!!! love Annie

  • Best of luck. Have a good Christmas x

  • Lovely news to hear, all the very best to you

    Love Kaz x x

  • Great news :-) xx

  • Hi Lena,

    Thank you for sharing your good news, I hope you have a very happy Christmas and a lovely new year with many more to come love x G x

  • Great news Lena, Best Wishes Sue xx

  • Hi Lena

    What a good news story, I am so glad this site has been a great help for you, I know what you mean the Ovacome site has been a great comfort to me, I am also glad I found it.

    Wishing you a very MERRY Christmas and a HAPPY New Year, and as Gwyn says Many Many more to come.

    Regards Barbara

  • Wonderful news, even better than Christmas!!! Very best wishes for the future - but please post occasionally if it wouldn't be too much trouble, because your story is so uplifting for anyone who is given the dreadful news that urgent surgery is needed, because of suspected ovarian cancer. Take care, and he happy!!! Vxxx

  • That's brilliant, Lena. Now you can look forward to Xmass without pain.


    Anne xx

  • Excellent news Lena. So happy for you.

    Love Mary xx

  • Thank you all for your lovely responses. Christmas is nearly on us but you know there is no gift more precious than this. Thank you again MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR . I will still look in from time to time xxxxxx :-)

  • Good to hear such good news, all the best and enjoy a lovely Christmas and new year.

  • Good of you to share your good news with us all. Best wishes to you and yours for Christmas and the New Year too. xxx

  • Lovely news Lena, have a brilliant Christmas and new year.

    Love Ally xx

  • Thank you Ally , i feel like a the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders . How are you doing? How are you feeling , I do feel a little guilty posting my good news because I know most of you haven't had good news and are still battling on.I met a lot of lovely ladies in hospital who were terminal from ovarian cancer it was so sad. I have a special candle in my window I light every night up to xmas for everyone suffering with this awful disease . I really hope that acure or something to put you all in remission comes to light very very soon . My consultant says that there is no way of knowing whether my tumour will comeback but in some cases it has and its been cancer so im praying it doesn't return . Let me know how your getting on Ally Merry Christmas to you qand your hubby hun. Loads of love and hugs lenaxxxxxx

  • Hi Lena, please don't feel guilty about your good news, we need to hear that it is not all doom and gloom and some ladies do get good results, lifts the spirits a bit. I like the idea of your special candle in the window, it's a lovely thing to do.

    My chemo hasn't gone quite to plan, caelyx didn't work so I start a new treatment on Tuesday Carb/gem. My oncologist has high hopes for it to shrink my disease and put me in remission for awhile so let's hope it does.

    Your consultant has said in some cases like yours the tumour has returned with cancer, that also means that in some cases it hasn't returned, try and focus on that and that you will be one of the lucky ones. Not easy I know but with time I'm sure it will get easier.

    Love Ally xx

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