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Feeling fed up


Well I got my laparoscopy date finally after waiting what seemed an age. Then last wk mid wk I wake up with a sore throats by last Thursday a chest infection. & to this wk still feeling ill.

I don't think my laparoscopy will go ahead this wk now will it , I mean as I not well! I can't believe I'm ill again especially as I been waiting for this laparoscopy. It feels so unfair not that I been keen to have the laparoscopy but I do want it done.

I feel so frustrated by it all 😡

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You'll get there xxxx

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I hope so but I got today to shift this cold, or I have to ring scheduling department to canx Thurs laparoscopy. Or turn up and hope there go ahead I'm due in 7am.

I just want it done now I know one cyst has burst and the left one has got bit smaller. That showed up on a follow up scan I had in January. He wants to check if I have endometriosis but I don't think I have it. Not from the things I read on here I do have very heavy menstral cycles and painful but I don't have the symptoms I have read. So I guess we will see fingers crossed it's just cysts. I had a CT scan not got results properly from that I rang my gynaecologist secretary. All she could tell me was it was marked as nothing sinister so that's good. But I want to find out from him if any thing else showed up. I been waiting to find out and if lap don't go ahead I have to wait longer.

Fingers crossed this chest, fluey cold thing goes today😐.


Dose yourself up with high dose of Vit C. You can buy fizzy tablets cheaply from own label supermarkets and they dissolve in water easily.

Go in anyway even if you don't feel 100% yet, they will prob do a blood test which will show if your infection level is OK ( or not) . I think better to take the chance and get it over with.....

Good luck Janet 🌈


Hi Janet

I have decided to go in and see what they say on Thursday. I'm taking antibiotics last day today and I think I have some of those vitamin things in the cupboard. I have a look in a minute see what or if any left I can find.

I just pray by Thursday I wake up cold free. Today I feel 😴😩.Mind you by going in on Thursday I missing the Easter egg hunt on Friday. I will miss kids faces as they and the dogs hunt for chocolate 🍫 lol x

But I keep telling myself be good to get it over and done with. One embarrassing thing though is currently I cough a wee so I wearing Tena lady pads again! If I go in on Thursday and don't wear them I be embarrassed should I cough and wee. But if I do wear them I be some embarrassed on the day of the Laparoscopy. Catch 22 x


😳I'm sure they seen worse....nothing embarrasses a nurse. It's only our pride and dignity that gets in the way.... go with pads and all. X


yep, agree with Janet!!! x

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