Good News!

Hello All! Finally got to see my Onc for results of scan following completion of 2nd line Chemo and once again I am cancer free! Yippee!!!! Had to wait 4 weeks for results which I coped quite well with, only started to get to me a few days before. Sitting in the waiting room was a nightmare and I was really fearing the worse. It was such a relief. Time to get on with life again and enjoy the summer.

Best wishes to you all


Annette xxx

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  • Hi Annette

    That's really good news, I'm so pleased for you. I've finished my last dose of second line chemo today and have a scan booked for later this month so I shall be a bit anxious for my results - seems to be a common reaction, but must try not to dwell on it too much as all indications are looking good. In the meantime, enjoy the summer and live life to the full. X

  • Thank you AliKay! Good luck with your scan - hope you don't have to wait too long for results!

    Looking forward to summer. Lets hope we all have a good one!


    Annette xxx

  • Pleased for you, AM. Had a cancer scare 18 months ago and it has taken that long for me to face life again and start to make some changes. Every best wish :)

  • Many thanks Gollibooboo! Love the name!!!


    Annette xxx

  • Fantastic news Annette, so pleased for you x

  • Great news x

  • Ah that is great news, do enjoy the summer and give yourself some treats

  • Yay awesome 😁

  • Briilliant news Annette. You must be so pleased that you can just get on and enjoy the summer months and beyond. What a long wait between scan and the results. I'd have been the same as you on the day of the appointment. Did you have a little celebration when you heard the good news? xx Annie

  • That is GREAT news! Four weeks seems an awful long tome to have to wait for results, I would have been an absolute wreck! Yes, enjoy the summer, free of worry.

    Take care ...


  • Great news Annette. Really pleased for you. Enjoy the summer (when it finally arrives lol). Lovely news to start the morning with. Ann xo

  • Well done Annette. Now you can enjoy ticking off those side effects as they depart ! Give them a kick up the bum as you watch 'em go. Best wishes. Pauline

  • That is great to hear, what a fantastic result for you and very uplifting to know you've kicked the blighter into touch again! Enjoy the summer. Madeline x

  • Lovely news Annette!! Long may it continue!

    Best wishes

    Sharon xxx

  • Congratulations and long may it continue. Enjoy the summer.

  • Wonderful have a lovely summer.

  • Celebrations coming on...well done! xx Janette

  • Yay that is good news xx


  • Great news really pleased for you x

  • Well done Annette.I can imagine the relief you and your family are feeling now.Enjoy the summer,get lots of vit D (with sunscreen) ,xxx

  • Brilliant so pleased for you :-)

  • Congrats!

  • Thank you everyone - already made a start on getting the garden into shape and got myself one of those new gravity chair thingys to sit on and enjoy the sun!

    Love to you all

    Annette xxx

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