Hello lovely ladies,

I wonder if I could trouble you with a quick question.

My Mum was diagnosed in 2011 and had a radical hysterectomy and 6 months of chemo. She then had a quiet period before she was diagnosed with more tumours in her chest cavity, against her spine and in her clavicle area. As they weren't huge she was put on Letrozole (an oestrogen inhibitor drug) which has kept the tumours the same size for two years (do try it if you get offered it; it really seems to work). However the drug has now stopped working and the tumours are marching on. It has been suggested that she moves onto anastrozole which is another oestrogen inhibitor drug mostly used for advanced breast cancer. I just wondered if anyone has tried this and had any success with it?

Wishing you all the very, very best.


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  • Hi Smallp,

    I'm sorry I can't help you personally, as you said it's manly used for Brest cancer. maybe you could go back in health unlockeed to Brest cancer site the ladies there could help with side effects.

    I type in "Anastrozole for ovarian cancer" and I find a few ladies on this treatment.

    Hope you find the answers . Best wishes Lorraine xx

  • That's a great idea. Thanks Lorraine xx

  • Hi i was put on anastrazole but told it had stopped working. Then i was put on tamoxifen. But now that has stopped working. Next stage it will be caelyx.

  • Thanks so much for sharing that. I am so sorry that it hasn't worked for you :-( xx

  • Hi Antheamary,

    Sorry to hear the other treatments did not help,Caelyx was my 3rd line treatment

    can be a hard one with the side effect but I managed, and we are all different . the good thing about Caelyx it's only every 4 weeks,

    hope it works for wishes Lorraine

  • Hi lorraine, thanks for your thoughts. What side effects did you have?

  • Hi Antheamary,

    The first month was great the second had a rash all over and blisters under arms ,so my oncologist gave me steroids , this cleared it up. Then my toe nails started to fall off, this all stop when I stop treatment.

    I know that this sound bad but I did manage, use plenty of moisturizer and socked your feet in cold water, wear cotton cloth if possible.

    If I had to go back on Caelyx I would, also remember we are all different some ladies on this site have had little effect ,you could be one of them I hope you are.

    wishing you all the best ,,Lorraine xx

  • I was on Anastrazole (also known as Arimidex) 4 years ago. I only took it for 6 months, as it soon stopped working. The one that worked best for me was Exemestane, which worked for a year. Di

  • I haven't had experience with anastrazole, but I started Letrozole about 4 months ago and it hasn't worked. My oncologist said that it is unlikely that any other hormone therapies would work for me. But as this site clearly shows what works for one person doesn't for another. It never ceases to amaze me how many different types of oc there are and the range of therapies available. Hopefully the anastrazole will work well for your mum. Best wishes dawn

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