Third one today

Really pleased managed my 3rd chemo only 3 more to go. Bloods were iffy again so had to wait but 2nd bloid test platelets were good to go. Yes it's silly o clock wide awake!!

As usual very hot but got the fan on me...hubby rolled over and turned it off!!!

Had to cancel my birthday celebrations family meal out etc at weekend but I know I'll not be up to it so will wait a week or so. No big deal.

Hoping you all are doing well as you can. Take care!!! ❤❤❤

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  • Well done for getting through to half way .... hope you start to feel stronger soon to celebrate your birthday 🎉

  • Great, your halfway there, hope you manage to celebrate yr birthday in style. Big hug. Kathy xx

  • Hi Ricky23,

    Congratulations for reaching the half way, sad you had to miss your Birthday celebrations but next week you can make up for it.

    Happy Birthday and many many more ... best wishes Lorraine xx

  • On the downhill bit now, so good to have got halfway. Happy Birthday and enjoy the celebrations once you pick up. Tell hubby you're the poorly one: fan stays on!!!! Xxx

  • Hi Ricky,

    Well done 👍🏿.. it's a bugger isn't it , feeling so " out of it "!... you'll get there honey ! Incidentally, have you had the op. ?? Xxx

  • Hi Yes had Tah in 2012 no more ops since then. Just chemo. Hoping you are ok ? x

  • Great to be half way through . Well done and wishing you all the best for your remaining treatment . You will be partying with friends before you know it . Stay strong love Kim X

  • Yay, 3 more! The countdown is on. I am wide awake now (2am) for my treatment today. And after today just 3 more for me as well. Beginning to feel the light at the end of the chemo tunnel too! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

    Perhaps they can give you some blood to help with your low counts? I am hoping for some today myself.

    Soon I hope we'll both be doing the happy dance! 🤗 And that you have a lovely belated birthday celebration 🎉

  • Halfway! 💐🌈🍾🥁. Marvellous. And you can always have the birthday celebrations later! Good luck.

  • Hope you enjoy your birthday a bit late. I've got chemo on mine, tomorrow, but my daughter came up last w/e and my other daughter's here tomorrow for a few days so I'm having an extended celebration x

  • Hi my birthday is actually tomorrow too. So happy Birthday to us!!! Good luck with your chemo how far down the line are you? Hope it goes well xxx

  • Yes, Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I'm two thirds through this one but feel as though I've been on it for ever as the last one didn't work so I carried straight on. Hope to finish on 4th May though so not too long now. I just hope It's a long break from treatment this time.

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Thank you it's tomorrow so hoping chemo I had yday doesn't kick in till weekend lol x

  • Happy Birthday for tomorrow-hope the chemo goes well and you get out of there quickly!

  • Well done your half way there, hopefully you can celebrate your birthday a little later.

    Virtual hugs Ellsey xx

  • Your doing great, It's important to celebrate each mile stone in this journey.. I can remember how excited I was at the 1/2 mark too. Congrats on being such a trooper!

  • I had my third chemo yesterday too and also had to have a second blood test but passed the second time but this made it a very long day. I wasn't hot last night though but felt frozen to the core so took my temperature and it was 34.8- didn't ring the helpline though and went back to bed. Now worried about blood test next time as have holiday booked a month after last chemo and don't want a setback!

  • Wow sounds just like me!! My bloods wreck bad Monday gad another test that morning and if you don't hear anything you go in as planned for chemo which I had yesterday like you. How are you feeling today? I'm ok tired but not sick yet... I'm on Carboplatin every 3 weeks. Had The Taxol and Carboplatin but too ill. It seems to be working a treat. my Lumps gave all gone in my neck... secondary spread to Lymph nodes ca125 now 34 after only 2 so feel.positive. Looking forward to scan.

    We too are set to go away 20th May to Cornwall so I spoke to nurse she said he will put it back a week . Otherwise we can't go. Also going to Greece end July but can't get any insurance!

    Hope you continue well on chemo !! xx

  • Feeling ok today but know that the sicky horridness will come. I'm on first line carbo taxol . Had a ca 125 but the nurse was not allowed to give me the result but said it was coming down nicely. Where are you going in Cornwall? I live in Tintagel.


  • Why can't you know your ca125? I see mine every time the Oncolgist shows me.

    Glad your not feeling too bad!!

    I've got very hot today . temperature is normal.

    We are going to Looe Captains cottage with our 2 Springers cannot wait. xx

  • Looe is lovely-so are Springers. Hope you have a lovely time. It was the nurse in the chemo unit that wasn't allowed to give me the ca125 result-perhaps they are worried about people getting stressed or something.

  • Well done you, best to know your limitations at the moment, you can always plan and have a lovely celebration when you have finished your chemo. Good luck.

  • Congrats on the halfway point! I'm sure the family will happily rearrange your birthday celebrations for when you're feeling more like yourself :) Something to look forward to! Jemima xx

  • Hang in there Ricky- you are doing great. One thing I resisted was a blood transfusion for weeks. When I finally agreed it was the best thing. I felt like a million bucks. My hemoglobin went from 7.9 to 9.1. I did a weeks worth of work in one day!!! I could breathe again and not tire so fast. Plus I could get on with chemo.

    Xx Carol

  • Oncologist hasn't suggested a blood transfusion ..yet. sounds like a miracle !! x

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