Symptoms have disappeared since cutting out Dairy

Hey everyone❤🙏🏽 hope you are all well, I had symptoms of feeling bloated, reoccurring urine infections, feeling tired all the time, since getting the all clear (thank god!!!) I decided to cut out Dairy from my diet and to my surprise all my symptoms have thankfully disappeared. Just wanted to share this with you all, hopefully it will help someone out. Take care and stay strong!! ❤❤❤❤

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  • I have thought about doing this as I felt very nauseated 🤢.... feeling a lot better now but still have odd episode 😳

  • I have reduced my dairy intake and have oatmilk instead of cows milk, I have to say I have less colic and bloating.

    Glad you have had the all clear. Xx

  • So glad you're feeling better, amazing what our diet can do to us, I've cut all yeast products out, unfortunately that includes bread 😕, some cereals ☹️ and alcohol 😩, but worth it because no more bloated feelings and I've lost 8lbs without trying. Keep the faith 🙂 ❤xx Jane

  • I've been dairy free for 6 years now. I've also cut out sugar, alcohol,caffeine and processed food along with many more changes and I've really felt the benefits. There are always alternatives but understand it's not for everyone.

    Wonderful you are now symptom free and long may it last! Linda x

  • Thanks for sharing Tanya-this certainly is worth a try for some women. How long did it take for your symptoms to go away? I suffer from constipation, most of my adult life. wonder if it will work? I know milk is loaded with sugar......

  • It took about a week or two for me to see the change in myself, I was also constipated which has improved since cutting out the dairy. Maybe try it out for a month and see how you feel, hope all is well, sending you love ❤️ 😘

  • This is interesting and I might take it on board, thanks for sharing and I am glad you are okay

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