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I'm angry with my mum's GP

I wanted my mum to go and see her GP to get herself checked out for OC. I've been a bit concerned because of where she carries her weight, I know she suffers with bloating and sometimes feels full and she suffers with chronic constipation and she keeps suffering with chest infections (she is a smoker).

Her GP didn't even examine her fobbed her off with some antibiotics for her chest. Told her she doesn't have the symptoms of OC and there is no test for it!!!!

She does come under Salford PCT and someone on here said recently this PCT had stopped doing CA124 tests. I don't want to stress my mum out but what should I do next?

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Hi there

It's really disgusting that your Mum is being treated like this when she has both these symptoms and you have OC. Even if she doesn't have it, (and I hope she doesn't) the risk factors are surely so clear that further investigation is warranted.

Also, many of us have been there, not being taken seriously until the cancer is advanced: I know I was in that position.

Given that I was too polite and have now ended up here, I would advise anyone else to be persistant. I would suggest, depending on how strongly you feel, that she either goes to see another GP or you complain to the Practice Manager. Is there a family member who could go with her? Perhaps she could take the BEAT facts with her.

What she shouldn't do is sit at home saying that she doesn't want to be a pest and bother the nice GP. Even if she offends him, could he treat her worse than he has to date?

I really hope she can have better treatment and put her and your mind at rest, and obviously hope that this is something simple and treatable. I know how stressful it is to complain, but maybe ask her what she would do if it was you!

Let us know how she goes on.

Warmest wishes




Thank you Sue I've just had a chat with Ruth one of the nurse specialists on the helpline and she has said more of less the same and I think I might go with her this time



I am sorry your mum has been treated like that, even though Salford trust don't routinely do blood tests, she can still have a blood test done through her GP it is only a twenty pound test (she won't have to pay)

I hope you get a better response when you go with her.

Best Wishes x G x



When I was diagnosed, my oncology team, suggested that my mum and two sisters should tell their doctors about my diagnosis for OC. One sister had a CA125 blood test, the other sister and mum had CA125 + transvaginal ultrasound. None had any symptoms; these tests were done purely on the basis of my diagnosis.

I think that you need to stress your OC history to the GP, even if just to prove to you that there is nothing wrong with your mum.

Hope all turns out okay for her.



The trouble is because her GP has told her she has no symptoms and there is not tests she believes her GP and now i feel like I'm kicking up a bit of a fuss but I want to know she's ok


My GP told me last week that it is National polcy to give anybwoman over 50 with abdominal pain a CA125 test as a diagnostic tool but at a day organised by Target Ovarian Cancer soeonesaid this might be the Yorkshire Cancer Group policy but it does need checking out. My gynae has referred me for genetic testing because my sister has breast cancer and she and I both have daughters. Target Ovarian Cancer have some excellent information material for women and also some directed at GP's including some training that they can take which counts towards their annual CPD requirement. I suggest you contact them & get the info into your mum's surgery and the symptoms leaflet for your mum!


I'm actually involved with Target Ovarian and I'm going to one of their workshops today


Try going on the Ovacome website and follow the link on the LEFT side of the page, saying BEAT ovarian cancer with Ovacome. If you scroll down there's a symptom tracker which your Mum can fill in (or you can ...) and print out to take to the GP. Good Luck

Love Wendy xx


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