Living with Olivia Crawford

Just thought I would blog a bit of an update. I saw the consultant's registrar last week and the good news is that my CA125 has fallen from 134 to 94 which pleased me although I still felt sad after the appointment. I'm not completely sure why all I can think of is that I'm still coming to terms with the cancer so I've decided to give it a name - Olivia Crawford.

I've also been seeing someone over the last 6 weeks and he makes me smile. I've got an appointment tomorrow with someone from the Shaw Trust because I want to think about going to work. I've also become an aunty again my brother's wife has given birth to a little girl called Jessica Louise. I'm going over to see them tomorrow afternoon. As I type this I can't help feeling a little bit sad that I never had children but maybe under the circumstances it is for the best.

I want my mum to have a CA125 test I'm concerned about where she carries her weight and she has to take laxatives every day. My aunt has had a word with her as well and she has promised to go and see her GP.

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  • Gosh I'd like to give a Olivia a slap around the face, if you see her please give her one from me!

    Congrats on being an Aunty again. You may not have had children (me neither, but no regrets) but no reason you can't be the best Aunty in the world! Congrats also on the CA125 drop - it's going the right way! Good luck with Mum's appointment, I am sure it will confirm she is fine. Good luck also with the job - I know you have mentioned before you'd like to move on with something now.

    You mention being sad a couple of times, and I certainly feel that from time to time. Hopefully with Spring around the corner, the life and colour around us will lift us outside of ourselves and remind us what a beautiful world this is and that we are still here enjoying it!

    Love Lizzie


  • Can I also add to lizzies comment, I have named my cancer monkey.

    He appeared in my life in 2006, when I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the salivary. He likes to sit on my shoulder, sometimes he hammers on my head, but very quickly gets slapped back down!

    He is hoping to have a ride near my ear today as I am having second line chemo today but he will get well and truly pushed toward the floor!

    Keep up the spirit girlfriend, life is so special and I feel I have been given a new awareness of it.

    Take care.


  • I forgot to mention that I've also entered the Great Manchester Run - its a 10k training is going reasonably well when I can get my ass out the door. I'm raising money for charity.

    Has anyone else put on loads of weight (those of you with ascities are excused) and had trouble losing it? I've put on about 3 stone

  • God yes i put on 2 stone.Its so hard i have done diets before when i have gained a few pounds and its come off but i seem to be stuck.I am trying Hannah Waterman dvd at the mo so will let you no how that goes.

    I do get paraniod that my work colleagues think i am a pig.I do love food and when your ill you don't.And i guess if i have an appetite i know i am well but i don't eat chips and burgers either

    well i will stop waffling good luck in the run and stay well xx

  • I am following Slimming World's programme and losing the weight is so hard but weight gain is a major problem and a symptom so I want to get it under control.

  • I used to love to run, I think my days are done though! There is nothing more life affirming than running.

    Love Lizzie


  • I walked! These days my legs give way after 50 yards!

  • You are an inspiration! Great that you're doing the Great Manchester Run. Also, I guess it's what most of us experience, feeling sad sometimes, especially if OC has left us childless, with all the coming-to-terms that that entails. I put on weight after my op and am still trying to lose it, it's a slow process but it's probably down to my advanced age :-O. The best eating plan I've tried is having oats (home made muesli or Dorset foods spelt one), no-fat, low-cal veg soup or salad with lean protein for lunch and lean protein and low-cal veg for evening meal. I try to stay off the wine during the week but have a couple of glasses on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Life's got to be worth living!!!! The only carbs I had were oatcakes and muesli and I allowed myself one fresh roll with my boiled eggs on Sunday. However, you need carbs when you're training for a run, so maybe go to a slimming club just to get the advice then adapt the plan they give you. All the best with your new ventures.

    Love, Wendy xx

  • My daughter says being an aunty isthe best of all worlds. She gets to spoil the boys rotten, they think her wonderful but she did not have the discomfort of pregnancy, the pain of childbirth, the terrible twos, the dentist, the doctor, school reports and the approaching teens and she gets to hand them back when she's tired of them.

    Hope you are feeling a bit less sad! I am having a bit of "down time" myself at the moment but it will pass!


  • Hi again, sounds like you are going in the right direction,my ca125 is still raising having a scan on 26th ( I dont have a good feeling about it) I have put on over 2stone !! just getting into exercise when hey presto,sprained my knee cap ended up on crutches for 6 weeks, just getting back to walking again, so just cant seem to shift the weight. Lovely news about a new baby and new man. Love Sue x

  • Hi Sue,

    CT for me is the 28th. We are scan buddies :-) Hope there is no sign of disease progression for you and you can carry chemo freee for another 3 months.

    Love Lizzie


  • thanks Lizzie,but dont feel confident ,but going to have a good Easter visiting our grandchildren results 11th, when do you get your results? Have a good Easterl Love Sue x

  • I am seeing my onc on the 30th but no chance I will have results by then, so I will put the thumb screws on him for how and when the results will be communicated back to me.

    None of us are confident Sue, but your plan is best - find a distraction to try and avoid worrying. Daffodils, Easter Bunnies and eggs sound a good distraction to me. Hope you have a ncie one.

    Love Lizzie


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