Hi All, I finished chemo a couple of weeks ago ( hooray!). I'd be grateful if any of you out there could advise when it's safe to start eating things like blue cheese, soft eggs, live yoghurt etc?

Also, a week after chemo, just as all the awful side effects where easing, I pulled my back out. It's been very sore and painful. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar. I do have a history of back pain and I'm hoping it's a separate event and nothing to do with OC. Feels like I pulled something out of place. Has anyone been to a chiropractor during or just after treatment?

Thank you.


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  • Well done on completing your chemo bearup, big milestone reached.

    I think it was around 6-8 weeks after finishing chemo that I was able to eat all the goodies again. Those dippy eggs were soooo very good. Check with your oncology team, they'll be able to advise on the risks.

    I can't imagine there would be any problem going to a chiropractor and there's no point being in pain unnecessarily unless you're worried about your reduced immune system? but as always check with your team.

    Hope your back is better soon, enjoy your eggs & blue cheese etc as soon as you can. ❤xx Jane

  • Hi Sarah,

    I'm not sure about the food, but I did have back and shoulder pains and went to my chiropractor and also for a massage, both during treatment and after.

    I wen tto have a massage with a clinic, I had not been to before and when he ask if I had a medical problem , I told him I was being treated for cancer was still on chemo he would not do the massage. I now have a lovely place I go when it's bad.

    But do check with your oncologist, as you have finished with chemo I see no problem going to a chiropractor.

    All the best Lorraine xx

  • Some of us never stopped eating those things - in any of my 5 different chemo regimes. I take the view that if you feel like it, it's probably okay! So, go for it....

    My osteopath told me that chemo is hard on the connective tissue. I suffered a bad injury with chemo 1. ( me being silly, nothing to do with the chemo)

    I also checked with my oncologist some time ago when there was a discussion about massage and she saw no problem with it.


  • I too haven't stopped eating didn't know I had too! xxx

  • If you have a good acupuncturist in your area they work wonders with injuries and back pain. Hope you feeling better very soon and enjoy life without chemo x x

  • Hi Sarah, Why couldn't you eat blue cheese or eggs or live yogurt? I carried on eating all those things through chemo. Presumably it's because of the live bacteria and our depleted systems, but I was never given advice to avoid these things, and it never occured to me. I wish there was a gold standard of advice that was given out to us ladies when we start chemo!


  • Hi Jenny, yes exactly for the reason about compromised immune systems. Looking at the other comments it doesn't look like there's a standard guideline.


  • Hi, like some of the others, I never stopped eating anything during chemo, and was never advised to, apart from supplements such as herbal remedies, as they didn't know if they would interfere with the chemo.

    As for chiropractor, throughout my chemo I had sessions with an osteopath after each round, to counteract the taxol pain, as I can't take brufen, I also had acupuncture which helped with sinus issues and neuropathy.

    I would check with your nurse, and then do whatever will help you!

    Hope you feel better soon



  • No-one suggested I should stop eating blue cheese and soft boiled eggs during my treatment, so I didn't. The only thing I recall was being told no alcohol.

  • I wasn't told to avoid alcohol so carried on as before. A couple of glasses of wine here and there. I read that resveratrol was beneficial to consume when suffering from cancer, so switched to red wine!


  • The advice I was given was that the food restrictions you mention only need to be observed when your neutrophil count is below 2.

  • Hi

    I was never given advice to avoid any foodstuffs during having chemotherapy.

    Go for it I say 👍.

    Lynne 💞

  • I too eat everything through chemo, need my live yoghurt and kefir and no scientific basis not to have them, quite the reverse. My Oncologist says everything is fine, just common sense hygiene precautions xxx

  • Hi Sarah. When I asked my onc what I should eat while on chemo, he replied - anything you can. So I took the view that when chemo had finished, I could eat all the foods I wanted to as soon as my system would let me. Get stuck in ! Best wishes. Pauline. PS Can't help with the back.

  • Hi All, Thank you so much for all your comments. Sounds like the guide lines vary greatly about diet during chemo. I was told to avoid foods as if I were pregnant, the irony wasn't lost on me, considering everything had been whipped!! 😄

    Booking to see someone about my back today. It sometimes feels like my body has it in for me!

    All the very best to you all...


  • I wasn't told to avoid eating blue cheese / live yoghurt / uncooked eggs, etc. I was advised not to drink alcohol for 24 hours before and after chemo which I extended to 48 hours. Indeed I couldn't face it for days afterwards anyway. The only other advice was to clear any supplement / vitamins pills beforehand.

    Didn't have any back problems at all.

    All the best! It's a big milestone to finish those six chemo, I well remember the feeling.

    🍾 🍽 🧀(couldn't find a boiled egg picture).

  • Hi

    I had back pain after chemo and problems with my knees. We lose a lot of muscle mass during chemo which I think leaves our joints vulnerable. I took anti-inflammatories for a few weeks so that I was able to exercise and build my muscles up again. It worked.

  • Inexpert it's a separate event but perhaps because you haven't been as active? I broke my arm shortly after I finished chemo and I think it was because I was still a bit weaker than usual. I hope it improves soon. that's the last thing you need when you are trying to get your life back.

  • I ate everything too. Just be sensible that you do 't eat anything that could give you food poisoning etc! Good luck and ai hope it all goes well for you and you recover soon xxx

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