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This may sound crazy, I don't know. And as I said earlier in the week I'm yet to discover what's going on with my cyst - my first gynae appointment is on Thursday. But I've just done a supermarket shop and ended up buying loads of fruit & salad things and fish, which I don't usually buy, because I wanted it! It puts in mind of when I was pregnant and had cravings! I've also gone off of tea and even bought fruit tea, because again "I wanted it!". Is this just my mind working overrtime and convincing me to eat a healthy diet or did other ladies experience a change in eating habits?

Thanks xx

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  • Hmmm...since diagnosis I have an unhealthy obsession with dark chocolate. Couldn't stand the stuff before 😄

    Must. Put. Chocolate. Bar. Down...

  • Dark chocolate is very beneficial. Look it up

  • I know - I tell myself I must need all the extra magnesium :-)

  • Yes I definitely have my appetite is up and down with chemo but I do fancy odd things. I never have milk in my coffee for over twenty years I find that I can't drink it without milk. It's strange but it's nice to know I'm not as weird as I thought because I'm not alone lol.

  • I had massive cravings for chicken liver pate, avocado, cheese... Pretty much anything that was really calorie dense. And Maltesers. I ate like three giant bags a week.

    Post chemo, my cravings are now back to the normal salt cravings, and strawberries, and dark chocolate.

    ...And tinned corn... That one's just strange.

    So long as they're healthy cravings, just go with it. I'm a firm believer that the body knows what it needs/wants.

  • Hi, I have put quite a bit of weight on. I am back to what I was before the cravings. I am afraid my cravings ate not healthy 😏.will have to try and cut down on the sweet things. Xx

  • Sorry meant are not healthy

  • My food choices completely changed, and I cant even stand the smell of tea, my preference now is all things with lots of flavour, chilli, curry, strong tomato'y taste, and cheese, I now eat loads of cheese (strong cheddar) drinks are now lots of water with ice, or iced coffee., you will find your tastes change all the time, but as long as you get your protein, you will do fine.xx

  • Hi there

    I can't remember having any cravings . In fact I lost my appetite and only ate because I knew I needed to. Not reflected in my size though ! Lucky you as you seek yo have cravings

  • Sorry. Reply went too soon. I wanted to say that you seem to have cravings for healthy food !

  • I remember only wanting healthy food, and I can't touch alcohol to save my life. Think it's your body telling you to eat well. Xx

  • Hi hun - I lost my appetite completely after my first op (and before I knew we were dealing with anything too sinister)...since then, I do crave healthy foods but then i've always been a fairly 'clean eater'. I did seem to enjoy Maltese's and Milky Bar Giant Buttons after my first op though when my appetite started to come back, so will be stocking up on those again for this next op! Try not to worry and feed your body what it fancies, particularly if they are all healthy's never a bad thing xx

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