Foods that Give you Cancer - according to the Tabloids

Foods that Give you Cancer - according to the Tabloids

I've just found an article by Charlotte Morgan mocking tabloids that spread false information about cancer. Apparently it's even been claimed candle-lit dinners are carsinogenic! There's really so much gobbledy-goop around it's good to get it all in perspective.You might find the article interesting reading and it includes a great video clip of Russell Howard singing his cancer song which made me laugh. If you're interested take a look at:

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  • Hi Annie,

    Haha... thatt is so so funny... haha... I can't stop laughing...I've saved it to listen and read again... thank you it's made my x G x :-D :-/ ;-)

  • I wonder ... could we form a chorus for the next members' meeting and give them a rendition? It would be such a laugh. xx

  • It would indeed !!!! I love it ...we could all practice it now haha :-D :-/ ;-)

  • Great idea! i plan to be at the next members meeting!


  • Now you have something to amuse you while the rellies are watching TV. Sing along to the video-clip. Ho ho. Not sure they'd appreciate it right now! Xxx

  • Love the song , we need the words to learn them for next year x x

  • I thought of you when I first saw the video as you said you were hoping to go to the next do. I'll paste the words into a new blog. I'm laughing already imagining all of us karyoking to the video rehearsing for the big moment next year. Xx

  • Here are the words Babs - The Daily Mail's list of things that cause Cancer in a song by Russell Howard:

    'Age, Air, Alcohol, As-pir-in and Cal-ci-um,. Ham, Honey, Eggs, Dogs, di-et-ing and Soup. Being a Woman, Being a Man, Bubble Bath and Food from Cans. Being Black, Wearing Bras, Left-Handedness, Speedy Cars. Oes-tre-gen, Climate Change, Baby Food, The Menopaiuse. Beef, Beer, Pizza, Pork, Ce-re-al and Worcester Sauce. Childlessness and Children, Vitamins and Bacon

    Choc-o-late, Retirement, Deodorant and Facebook. The Mail says these cause can-cer but it’s only rumours that they give you tumours. They’ve got some balls to print it because it’s 60 pa-ges of scar-ey bullshit.'

    Let's get rappin' !!! xx

  • hi...

    just been reading all these mess.... u make me laugh... would luv to see allu ladies rappin.. (sorry i wont join u... i cant sing for toffee) .just the thouht of it.... u never know ... u might make it to top of the pops



  • Ah Shen, I confess I'd never heard of Dizzy Rascal before the Olympics but become a fan overnight. You don't need to have any musical ability to do it do you? - you just wear your hat back-to-front, baggy trousers and jiggle to the beat. Aaww - you and Gwyn could become professionals.

    Now it's me who can't sleep. 5.25 in the morning! I dreamed my cat had turned into a fish and was rubbing up against me with scratchy scales instead of fur. It was very meanacing. The funny thing about the dream was the cat-fish was floating upright in the air like a sea-horse but it was definitely my cat 'cos I could see her face. Gwyn and I had a conversation late last night about animals and it must've been on my mind. I bet even Wendy has finished her packing by now and everyone else is fast asleep.

    I've had a cuppa and will try to get back to sleep. zzzzzz xx Annie

  • it's Illegal, it's immoral or it makes you fat, to which add 'it gives you cancer' the kill joys are determined to ensure that all pleasure is outlawed!

    Enjoy all things in moderation and take life as it comes is my motto! Mind you the weather here in Dartmouth is apalling and my sciatica is not improved by the weather! Add to this my family is currently watching 'It's a Wipeout' which is an update on 'it's a knockout' and that was boring enough!

    Sitting with TENS machine on and HWB at my back!

    Roll on an improvement in the weather!


  • Oh dear poor thing. Bad enough to have sciatica at home, let alone staying elsewhere where you might not be able to curl up into a comfy place on your own. I'm in Plymouth. We were going to think of catching up had we got our boat to Dartmouth but the weather has been atrocious today so no sailing. Good news it will be much better tomorrow. Sunshine nearly all day. We're heading west to Falmouth away from the crowds. Hope the rain hasn't dampened spirits too much in Dartmouth. At least you've got an internet connection and can have a moan about It's a Wipeout to friends here on the site. I'm of the same opinion as you. Rarely find much of interest on the television except nature or geography programmes. Xxxx Xxxx take care. Annie

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