Scared is it back?

Hi everyone hope you are as good as you can be this evening. Had a not very nice couple of weeks my Mum who I adore was taken ill 10 days ago eventually landed in hospital was treated well and she is at home but needs extra help I am seeing her 3/4 times a week. will not even think about coming to live with us, which I can understand

Anyway during this time I had an oncology follow up still feeling dreadfully tired and an achy stomach so registar ordered a CA125, got results yesterday it is 77 !!!!!.Oncologist ordered an urgent MRI so is it back. My mind as been racing ahead of itself what if, trying to stay in the here and now and not think too far ahead but it's hard. Any words of wisdom

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  • Sending (((hugs))) m'dear..what a horrible time you've had! You must be worried about your Mum and then the dreaded CA125 kicks you in the shins. Fingers crossed it's something else but even if it's the beast you will find reserves and fight again xx Lyndy

  • Hi love,

    Can't give you any advice on re occurance,but only Mum.

    I looked after both my parents for 15 years and most of it long distance because they felt they didn't want to be a burden!.This was until circumstances became impossible, a 2 hour drive every month to stock up on shopping,do the gardening and house work etc.

    I had to point out they were being more of a problem living so far away and maybe you need at this point to do this too.

    Don't meant to sound hard, but,it is key that your Mum is here for you to help her and not be a worry to you in your circumstance.

    I am speaking as someone who knows and sends you love and best wishes,

    Carole xx

  • I don't think now is a time when you can give as much as you'd like to your mum, which doesn't mean you love her any less.

    Do you feel able to share your present worries with her and could she come and stay for a short while until after your scan results? If she can't/won't, I think I would let her know that you can't come quite as often till things get better for you, but will ring her every day, night and morning.

    So hard when you love her so much but she loves you too and won't want you to ignore your own health.

    Wishing you and your mum all the best x

  • For good or bad I have decided not to tell her what is going on until I HAVE had the scan then will decide what to do. Thanks for getting back to me and your good advice

  • Not necessarily. One raised test isn't enough. I was told if it doubles or goes over 100 then it requires investigation. Mine is 64 but scan clear. So try not to worry

    LA xx

  • This made me feel so much better, thank you.

  • CA125 numbers can be deceiving, my last test it was over 400, but ned. on latest scan, so no further chemo required, just the Avastin I am on. Try not to worry till after you get scan results which may like mine be clear! Jeanette xx

  • Like Jeanette I have had CA over 200 then over 300 then over 400 and scan shows small nodule. They don't seem alarmed, I feel fine so we just go on as normal. Try to see it in the great scheme of things. Stress will not help so (easy to say but I say it to myself and do it) relax as often as you can to help your stress levels. I use a meditation cd for healing and it really helps. I'm also in a situation with my mum where she had an op and needs help but lives 1.5 hrs away. I told her honestly what was happening and we have a good arrangement with friends near her so I don't need to go as often as I did, and she is really glad she can "help" in this way. It usually helps to talk honestly but she is your mum and you know best what suits you and your family.

    Take care and really don't worry too much. Your onc should not alarm you.


  • THANK you for all your thoughts I did feel better after reading it.

  • Good

  • My Ca125 rose slowly from 18 to 406 over 10 months. I had three scans and it wasn't until the third scan that any changes showed. I know it us hard not to worry as I worried for 10 months.

    Take care

    Ann xx

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