Our Antarctica Adventure - short video - enjoy :)

Our Antarctica Adventure - short video - enjoy :)

I don't know if this will work folks, but above is the link to the professionally put together video of my Antarctica adventure i've just come home from. This was put together by two professionals we had onboard our ship, with all the proper equipment, including a drone, which made for some fantastic footage!

NB* the video is 26mins long and well worth a watch, so grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and allow yourself to get lost in this magical mystery land that is the 7th continent!

I hope you enjoying watching this as much as we enjoyed being a part of it. A real lifetime experience we will never, ever forget!

Jemima xx

P.S. Photo is of me in a very, VERY happy place indeed :)

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  • Hey Mrs A!

    Am going to make sure I don't click the link until I have the half hour to watch fully! Looking forward to it!!


  • I will definitely watch this with a cuppa Jemima, really inspirational. What an opportunity! 😁

  • Hi Jemima, it looks amazing worth watching love music as well. Take care Cindyxx

  • Glad you enjoyed it Cindy ☺ xx

  • Hi Jemina, yes it really lovely to see where you went ❤Cindyxx

  • Hi Jemima,

    Amazing and very moving,it must have been incredible to do this journey,

    I wouldn't forget it either,glad you got back safely,

    Carole xxx

  • Just watched it, amazing footage. What a magnificent trip of a lifetime you had. Loved the big (bronze?) foot at the start too. Didn't realise how much pooh there was with the Penguins but of course there will be! Was nervous for the chicks and felt for the Minky whale ! Stunning scenery too.

    Brilliant holiday

    Clare xx

  • What an incredible adventure you are having! Thank you for sharing the film, couldn't take my eyes off it. Always had a particular weakness for penguins and those downy chicks are impossibly cute!! The landscape is truly out of this world too. Enjoy the rest of your trip Jemima.

    Love, Madeline x

  • Thank you so much for sharing this awesome video!!! You deserve that trip! you are always here for us and you inspire our journey!

    Xx Carol

  • Thanks for all your lovely messages and I'm glad so many of you are enjoying the short film. Makes me smile every time I watch it (*cough* which is too many times!!) 😁 Xx

  • Amazing! Soooo jealous x

  • Absolutely brill. An Artic cruise has been creeping up my list but just love what you have done. However, as I had to cancel my skiing this year, so have not had my snow fix that I always have - you have made me miss it even more! Lol 😂

    Thanks for posting.


  • Wow!!! An amazing adventure , spectacular footage, these are memories you will have for always, thanks for posting an x

  • Absolutely fascinating!! What a fantastic experience of a lifetime. So thrilled for you, thank you for sharing the film. Hope you haven't come down to earth with too much of a bump. Keep planning more wonderful experiences.

    Love, Solange 😊 Xx

  • Oh Jemima, thanks so much for sharing this video with us. What an amazing experience you have had which will stay with you for ever and give you a treasure store of precious memories. You are so supportive of us all on this site, that you richly deserve this wonderful holiday.

    I guess you might find it hard to come back down to earth again, so take your time and don't rush back to the real world !!

    All the best,

    Barbara x

  • AMAZING. Thank you for sharing it with us all! It will stay with you always.

    Gwen x

  • Oh! When the little penguin fell over my heart was in my mouth. What a fantastic trip and a lovely photo of you. You don't look a bit cold, those orange outfits must be the biz.

    I haven't finished the whole video yet as I cannot get fullscreen for some reason, which will doubtless do the video more justice. I'll try and sort out tomorrow (very early CT scan and echocardiogram today so feeling a bit too weary to fiddle around trying to make sense of computerese "help" pages....

    I don't suppose you've come down to earth yet, what an experience!

    All the best, Helen

  • Wow - what an amazing trip - thanks for sharing xxx

  • Wow! How lucky are you? A holiday of a lifetime with loads of amazing memories. Not that I am jealous or anything. (much!!!!!!!)


  • Hi Jemima

    Just wondering if you went to Antarctica with the Ultimate Travel Company (run jointly by Nick Van Gruisen and a couple of others ?) Some friends of mine went last year and had a brilliant time. Would love to go but seems quite a challenging trip! Well done you for doing it.

    Sophia x

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