My GNR Adventure 2012

My GNR Adventure 2012

Well as race day got closer I started to dread the race and at one stage I even considered pulling out because I've been having tummy issues but I didn't want to let myself or my sponsors down - it was important to me to do this.

Mo Farrah gave some excellent advice at the start "Don't go off too hard, pace yourself and save something for the finish" I was glad I was wearing my HRM to slow me down a bit and I thought right I'll do that then.

First few miles were ok I was just moving just a little bit quicker than walking pace and probably walked most of the hills. I did stop off a couple of times on the way to use the loos but I managed to resist the temptation to call into MacDonalds for a Big Mac.

About 8 miles I was feeling tired and my thighs were aching I did consider throwing in the towel but I knew my host was waiting about 10 miles to take some photos and as I'd promised the St Ann's fundraiser I would get some shots........

In the last 3 miles I started to get my second wind I knew I was going to finish and just kept battling on it reminded me a bit of the battle with cancer. I tried to run the last mile at a ploddy pace but I was determined to sprint over the finish. As soon as Batman and Robin sped past me I thought I'm not having that and chased after them.

It was all over then and I was hugely relieved. I finished in 3:48:51 an hour slower than my previous time but it felt just as good. Got some great photos curtesy of Mick Durion although I hate the way my body looks now my tummy always looks swollen :(.

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  • Hi ScardyCat,

    Great photo, Great race....but you must kerb your enthusiasm with Batman and Robin.. haha

    come to think of it what were they like? I am already in a queue for George Clooney I am right behind Babs...haha ...seriously though we are all proud of you ..well done love x G x :-)

  • Hi ScardyCat,

    what a fantastic run, personally I can't run for the bus so I would be a non starter. You must be VERY pleased with yourself. I'd have been tempted to call in at McDonald's if only for their ice cream !!!

    Well done again, you are due a rest now.

    Best wishes

    Chris xx

  • Very very well done and many congratulations.This is a fantastic achievement.


    Charlie xxx

  • Well done ScardyCat,

    You must be so proud of yourself. I know we all are.

    Love the photo.

    Treat yourself to a well earned rest now.

    Love Linda xx

  • Thats a brill run !! WELL DONE BE PROUD OF YOURSELF .

    Hope your not aching to much.

    You deserve your Big Mac now lol.

    luv trish x x

  • Many, many congratulations.

    You should be very proud of yourself!

    I was there cheering on my younger daughter and my older daughter's fiance, so I very possibly saw you and cheered you on. (By the latin band at mile 6)

    There's absolutely no way I could have done it, although I would probably have managed to shuffle along behind the guys in just their speedos for a little while!

    A major triumph of will power over adversity, and an inspiration.

    Warmest wishes



  • Well done, amazing, Scardycat. I so much admire you. Xxx Annie

  • Well done Scardycat. You are truly amazing. I watched the race (I;m afraid from the comfort of my armchair!!!) and thought of you a lot.

    Well done Girl

    Love Suex

  • Hi Scardycat, Well done you,many congratulations for crossing the finishing line. I too watched it on television and thought of you. Great picture of you.

    Love Sue xx

  • Well done u..

    U r one fantastc lady.....u look brill...just luv ur photo


    Luv shenx

  • Well done! Great photo.


  • Good for you. Congratulations!!


  • Fantastic effort - well done you!


  • Fabulous achievement. Well done and you look great in your pic. Love Kelly x

  • Congratulations, ScardyCat

    You're so brave - especially as you were "having tummy issues". Enough to put anyone off!! You show true grit. Hope you're having a well deserved rest for a good few days.

    Keep fighting, love Solange

  • Brilliant!

    I enjoyed every minute of the race and hoped you would make it. I think the photo is great too.

    Very, very well done!



  • Well done ScardyCat. What an achievement!! Really proud of you & feel inspired to do something worthwhile one of these days.

    Lots of love XX

  • Well done Scardycat. We are all so proud of you. :)

    love Marilyn

  • Well done Scardycat! You're amazing. Love the photo xx

  • Brilliant achievement well done you!

    You have proved that no matter what if you set your heart on doing something it can be achieved. I am in awe of you.

    Well done Jackie xxxxx

  • That picture brought such a big grin to my face, I love it.

    What a fantastic achievement. I don't think I could ever have done a half marathon, let alone a 40 something with cancer, so I salute you!!! Its also fantastic that you have raised the money for St Ann's, and trust you are pleased (now its all over) that you did not give up.

    Really pleased for you. That will make me smile all day x x x x

  • Yes I am pleased and glad to make you smile

  • Well done scaredy cat you are an inspiration, I can't wait for my treatment to end so that I can start running , just signed up for the great Manchester run next year, here's hoping!

  • Congratulations. Fantastic achievement and you really rose to the challenge. You deserve to put your feet up for a while.



  • Fantastic photo ScardyCat !

    Well done and you must feel so proud to have done it ..well if you are not we are of you xxxxx

    Love your blog report ... re the Big Mac hope you had something nice Sunday evening ...

    Love Jan xxx

  • Well done Scardycat,, you look like you enjoyed the run. Yes the tummy always wants to be center stage in photos but the smile on your face is what stands out. Are you resting now before the next adventure?

    Love Wx :-)

  • I only just caught up with the story, but wanted to add my congratulations! Well done you! I hope you haven't been feeling too many after-effects. :-D

    Love Wendy xx

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