Our New Arrival

Our New Arrival

I have been very pre occupied of late because of this fabulous little person.

His name is Louie John and he was born last Wednesday and weighed 6lb 12 ozs,although he is now less as he has been quite a sicky baby,but, slowly getting better.

He was born by c section,so we have to give Mum lots of help the next 6 weeks (feels familiar).

Very emotional since if I hadn't been here,I wouldn't have seen him,but getting over that now and onwards and upwards!

Hope all you lovely ladies are doing as well as expected,

Love to you all,

Carole xxx

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  • He's gorgeous lots of hair too ... cute name ...so happy for you all congratulations πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  • Beauty πŸ’™ Onwards and upwards as you say .Best wishes 😍

  • Congratulations he looks gorgeous, best wishes xx

  • Hi Caroles, what a sweet heart, a perfect little package of loveliness!!!! Louie is my son's middle name suits him.

    You will feel very emotional you have been through a lot yourself but to be able to pick him up & give him a gentle loving cuddle is worth all the pain you have gone through. I wish you & your family the the very best take care Cindyxx

  • Thanks Cindy,

    It makes all worthwhile, hope you are doing good

    Carole xx

  • lovely name and what a cutie xx

  • Thanks love xx

  • Oh , he's gorgeous ! What a beautiful baby ....enjoy every minute x

  • I so will, life is good! Xx

  • Huge congratulations to you and your family Carole! He's a beautiful baby and I'm sure you won't mind helping out if it means you get to snuggle that gorgeous little person πŸ˜‰ xxx

  • Oh love,I help out at a drop!,I have so many cuddles from him and Frankie, I don't know how to cope!πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ˜˜

    How are you doing? Xxx

  • I know you'll be there to help out! I'm doing well, thanks. Keeping on an even keel, until the next 3month review puts me in a spin, but that's not until June.


  • Congratulations on the arrival of your new grandson, I wish you many years of love and happiness with him. Yes they give us a new lease of life and something to hold on for, We are expected our second grandchild at the end of July fingers and toes crossed. It makes all our pains and aches and treatment worthwile

  • I wish you the best love,it's a fabulous time,look forward to it,

    Carole xxx

  • Congrats Carole!

    A proper little cutie!!!


  • Thanks D appreciate it xx

  • I know just how wonderful it feels being a grandma myself to my little twin grandsons. keep up the fight, and look forward to all the coming birthdays, He is gorgeous. xxx Jeanette

  • Thanks Jeanette,

    I'd know you would know how I feel xxx

  • Congratulations nanny! He's gorgeous 🌞

  • Thanks love,

    Hope you are wellxx

  • Oh he is adorable Carole, congratulations x

  • Such a sweet little guy- congratulations!! Enjoy him. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  • He's so gorgeous Carole. Somehow a little baby photo just makes the day start better!

    Enjoy all those cuddles. T. X

  • Congratulations . 🍾 what a sweetie and so worth the fight .πŸ’œ stay well and enjoy the cuddles .

    Love Kim x

  • He's such a cutie. My grandson is due in less than 4 weeks. As you so rightly say onwards and upwards, best wishes.



  • That's wonderful. What a lovely picture. Enjoy his company and cuddles.

  • What a gorgeous little soul. Happy days for you and your family Jo 🌺🌼🌸🌻🌹🌷

  • He's just gorgeous Carole, hope he starts to thrive very soon and that mum is feeling better too. Lovely name. Enjoy him and give him lots of big cuddles and love ❀️Xx Jane

  • He's so sweet, and so perfect looking. Xx

  • What a gorgeous baby Louie is! Enjoy him. What a joy grandchildren are. I have 3 daughters, 2 grandsons and a grandbaby due on 1st June. Wonderful! Xx

  • So beautiful. I totally understand being emotional. It's what this diseases does to us but as you said time now to enjoy and do it big time xxx

  • What a gorgeous little babe! Congratulations, Carole. I can empathise with you feeling emotional , thinking you may not have been here. I feared I wouldn't see my seventh grandchild born, due four months after I was diagnosed ten years ago. I have been so lucky to welcome four more grandchildren and two great-grandchildren since.

    Hope all goes well for your daughter and Louie soon stops being a sicky babe. I was reading recently that Mum's about to have Caesareans can be treated with the good stomach bacteria and then the baby having the same thing for a while, after they arrive. (I've forgotten the name but it's what's found in natural live yogurt, for example.) Trials found babies were much happier without being so colic-y. With Caesarians, babies are born quickly so don't swallow so much as they would as babies born during their longer journey down the birth canal. Sorry, this is a bit garbled. What it showed was that babies can be given the good bacteria which then helps their digestion. I don't know whether it's being done yet but might be worth asking about it if he doesn't soon settle more.

    Don't get too tired yourself, love Solange 😊

  • Thanks Solange for your advice,he seems to be settling down a bit now,he is so small and I agree about the swallowing,but he is taking more feed and swallowing better,

    Thank you xxx

  • That's good news!! Xx

  • He is so gorgeous! You must be so proud.

    Very happy that you are still here to enjoy him. Big hug

  • Oh he's so lovely, Carole. Babies always make me emotional and in our circumstances it's even more understandable. Enjoy!

    Caroline x

  • Aww congratulations πŸ₯‚

    LA xx

  • He looks gorgeous Carole x

  • Seeing such a beautiful new life is such a boost. Enjoy this time - he is just delectable looking. Thanks for sharing the photo.

    Netti x

  • Congratulations granny, enjoy each and every cuddle x


  • Aw he's gorgeous Carol. You just want to eat him don't you! Our third grandchild arrived a fortnight ago, also called Louie!! He has been a real blessing to all our family as we've had a really tough time recently. Family is what keeps me going and I'm sure you are the same. Enjoy lots of cuddles with your beautiful little boy.

    Liz xxx

  • Hi Liz congrats too!! and what a good taste in names!πŸ˜€

    They are a blessing,they turn our lives around,lots of love and best wishes to you xxx

  • Aw congratulations, he's adorable. Lots of cuddles in order. Ann xx

  • Congratulations! There is nothing more uplifting than welcoming a new little person into your life. I am so very happy for you and and your family! He is absolutely precious!

  • Oh Carole.........how gorgeous is he! Enjoy your cuddles. xx

  • Carole!!! Just catching up with things on here & im SO thrilled to hear this news as I just know how excited you've been for his arrival 😊 Enjoy these first few weeks/months and many many congrats from me xx

  • Thanks Jemima,I am enjoying every minute! I had him to myself yesterday as Mum and Dad needed to catch up on sleep,it was wonderful and Frankie is a lovely older brother.

    Are you well?

    Carole xxx

  • I'm so so happy for you all 😊 Enjoy every minute of it.

    I'm doing ok at the mo...been fighting a horrid virus lately (seems a few are going round!) and awaiting results from prostate biopsies my Dad had recently, which has been a bit of a whirlwind worry! Still, life goes on doesn't it.


  • There's always something love,not my turn for a virus this year lol!have had them the last 3,just drink lots of water,lemons and honey and do the Vicks inhalers,my remedy to help for what it's worth!

    Hoping Dad has a good outcome,my husband had a couple in that area and all came back clear,a worry at the time,but hopefully good news,

    Wishing you all the best,

    Carole xx

  • Thanks to all you lovely ladies for your good wishes,I hope this finds you well and fighting the good fight as we all do,

    Best wishes,

    Carole 😘Xxx

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