Maybe I'm paranoid

Hi ladies,

Just wanted to voice this as I'm really anxious. About 2.5 weeks ago I developed period ache in my back without the period, was prescribed antibiotics for urine infection. Had my period as normal last week. Symptoms calmed but came back yesterday and today with added gas burping after swollowing anything. I am so paranoid I've got cancer because of everything with mum! I Went to the gp this morning and burst in to tears about it all. He felt my stomach and said it seems to be more stomach and he can see I'm under a lot of stress, he has prescribed something for potentially ibs and said to take urine sample and then if no change in the next couple of weeks he will do a blood test.

Just so worried, stomach is rumbling like nobodies business

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  • Sorry for your worry, and no wonder with your worry over your mum. It does sound like your GP intends to look into it further if no improvement so you're not going to get overlooked. Make sure you go back to your GP and know that we care about you xx

  • I think I gave him a shock as I burst in to tears after barely a few words! Thank you xx

  • Hi Miss Ed,

    Sounds like you are being taken seriously and you will be sent for the right tests if needed.

    Don't panic,but stay on the ball about your symptoms and make a diary of symptoms and when.

    It may be nothing untoward,but,go to your gp if you are unhappy and with your diary,I'm sure he will have you sorted,

    Love Carole xx

  • Thank you Carole x

  • Hi there, if your symptoms carry on ask your GP for a ca 125 blood test. You are under tremendous stress & of course you are going to worry about your own health with your mum going through this horrible illness. Keep us up dated take care Cindyxx

  • Your doctor sounds like he's going down the right avenue to find out what's wrong with you. If you need to go back again and are still worried ask for a blood test on your ovaries which is CA125 this will put your mind at rest and they get the results back the next day. It sounds like your going through a bad time, but try not to worry too much as this can cause you more pain. Sending a hug xxx

  • Hi, it could just be stress from looking after mum and stress can affect how our periods are but it's good that your GP hasn't dismissed you, I agree with Cindy to ask for a CA125 test when you go back to see him. Peace of mind is so important, try not to worry too much. Take lots of care, bug hugs ❤xx Jane

  • Not paranoid at all. After going through something similar, my new mantra for all women is rule out oc which is life threatening before ruling out iibs which generally is not. Ca125 and ultra sound is a start. Onc can be difficult to diagnose and in my case was through a ct. hopefully your outcome will not be what you fear but remember Oc caught early has a much better outcome . God luck Dee

  • Thank you all xx

  • As another on here because of my mum I know exactly what you mean.

    I'm very cancer aware now and whilst that's not a bad thing I certainly have days where this turns into total paranoia!

    When I was pregnant with my last baby they mentioned I had a small cyst and that it was normal for these to develop in pregnancy and then disappear afterwards. This sent me into total meltdown! Once I'd had my baby my lovely and very understanding GP sent me for a scan and CA125 which, of course, were fine!

    All the stress you're under at the moment will be wreaking havoc on you physically and emotionally and you need to try and find a way to get some time out from it all.

    My advice would be to absolutely be cautious, get the right tests and rule everything out but it's more than likely that everything is fine.

    Sending you a big hug. Xxx

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