My own concerns re OC

Hi ladies,

Now I'm here follow mum being diagnosed in august 16 but I've been having some symptoms that are worrying me. Started with a bad back (period type pain but no period due) about 7 weeks ago, I was given anti biotic for that (all be it over the phone without a test). Then that went and about 3 weeks ago I noticed I was very windy, after I ate and drank particularly, loose stools and extremely rumbling belly. You know the drill doctor said possibly IBS particularly when I'm going through such stress with mum, a new job starting and wedding to plan. Nothing got better so went back and they organised bloods. All normal.

No change and now lower pain which to me feels like ovaries. Went back to gp and he said because of my age and my ca125 being normal he couldn't send me for further investigations yet and to go back in 4 weeks.

I am so anxious, I dunno what to do.

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  • Hi . Can I ask how old you are?

  • Hi, I'm 29 x

  • Hi. I can understand given your age why your dr is reluctant to refer you for further investigations. Have you thought of calling Ovacome or MacMillan and talking through your concerns with them. You do have a lot of stress going on at the moment and when someone gets pain it so easy to focus on that pain which in turn makes it worse. I have on a couple of occasions had a twinge which I convinced myself was a recurrence. I focused on it to the point where it got worse daily, had tests to see whether it was, the results came back negative and the pain disappeared overnight. Im not in anyway trying to minimise your concerns because you do have so much stress going on but I think it may help to hopefully get some reassurance. Sending you a big hug. Kathy xx

  • Thank you Kathy I really appreciate that. I will deffo go back for a further check but appreciate the reassurance x

  • I do hope you do go back for a check and I do hope you didnt think I was suggesting otherwise x. My daughter is 27 and has asked for the BRAC test. Her gp has been very dismissive because of her age and said he doesnt know where to refer her to so I have spent ages on the phone today finding out for him. I just wish some drs would take concerns more seriously. I do hope you get the reassurance you deserve xx

  • It was interesting as the female gp I saw sent me straight for blood tests, the male gp not so keen. I wonder if I try to see her again I would have a different response.


  • Definitely worth trying to see the female gp if you got a better response first time x Do let us know how you get on please. x

  • If you are not happy do return to your practice and see what can be done to help you, wishing you well

  • Hi

    Can totally appreciate how anxious you are feeling . You have been through so much and need reassurance . As the other ladies have said please go back and get a second opinion .

    Once you have been diagnosed with OC or have cared for someone with a diagnosis you become very sensitive to every pain and twinge and what this could mean . It's not surprising that we can be anxious when we hear of so many missed opportunities to diagnose . Don't be afraid to insist that they take your concerns seriously.

    Sending you a big hug and hoping you get an all clear that you feel confident with soon. Love Kimx

  • Hi MissEd - as others have already said, your worries and concerns are completely normal based on your previous experience. Perhaps asking to speak to the female GP in future might be the way to go. I've had a similar experiences with my GP, so now i always go back to my lady. After my diagnosis and surgery last year, like you, i started having some 'symptoms' towards the end of the year and was paranoid. I got in touch with my CNS and she brought me in for a scan and a meeting with my Onc. Turned out it was a cyst on my remaining ovary (made me feel somewhat better i wasn't completely making the pain up!) and I was put on a 'watch and wait' for 3 months. I had another scan about 3-4 weeks ago now and everything is looking normal, but i've been having some ongoing bowel issues (I did flag these to my Onc when I last saw her but for now she said to just keep an eye on things before they proceed with any investigations) so clearly, the worry demons are back out in force, but i'm currently trying to ignore them! Definitely make sure you get yourself checked properly and in the meantime, try your best to not make yourself sick with worry (easier said than done i know!)

    Jemima xx

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