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Bit upset

Saw my GP today as Oncologist was concerned about how many more fractures of the vertabre I have .... due to Osteoporosis. Don't get pain very often so been so lucky. Today my GP said the Radiologist had thought I may have cancer in my spine. The oncologist when I asked him said no ovarian cancer doesn't go to the spine. but the radiologist seems to think there's something there. I feel really devastated it seems no one is really telling me what's what. I'm having my 2nd chemo Tuesday. I feel really empty inside like we'll that's it now. Feel like my fight has gone.

I knew I had seen something on the report when he was reading it and commented and he said no it's nothing to worry about just the osteoporosis but it is something clearly GP going to ask for bone scan to get a definate answer . Feel so down its unreal

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Hi Ricky. Sending you a big but gentle hug. I really wish I could find the words to comfort you. I do hope you get answers soon as I feel that sometimes the now knowing takes your mind into overdrive. Don't give up. Kathy xx


I'm sorry you're feeling so down, it can't help that you're getting mixed messages from your Onc and the Radiologist but it's good that a bone scan is being asked for.

I've done a quick search and I found at least one recent Referenced case reports that stated:

------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------------- ---------

"Ovarian cancer with bone metastasis is a relatively rare occurrence. Rose et al. in a study showed that metastasis to bones from these tumors is rare (0.1–0.12%). This and other case reports have shown that when bone metastases occur they often appear as recurrent disease or in conjunction with other abdominal metastases."

The case being reported was a cancer found in the spine at T10. "Magnetic resonance imaging of the thoracic spine revealed a mass at T10 with abnormal enhancement that extended from the vertebral body and the posterior elements, into the 10th rib — concerning for neoplastic involvement"

" The patient was referred to the spinal oncology service for resection of the vertebral mass. At the time of the drafting of this manuscript (2013) the patient has completed her adjuvant chemotherapy regiment. She is disease free as demonstrated by her post-operative MRI. Her most recent CA-125 level is 8.8 U/ml. She has no clinical evidence of disease"

----------------------------------------------- ------------------- --------------

So it seems it is RARE but it can happen so your Onc isn't quite correct there.

The bone scan will hopefully provide more detail and I hope you will be able to get confidence and reassurance from the findings, the radiologist will be all over it I'm sure.

Whatever the outcome there will be a plan and you will get your confidence back I'm sure. Please try to find your fight again, it really does help how you feel even if it's damned hard at times to get it back.

If this answer isn't what you want to read then please let me know and I'll delete it, I'm just trying to give you some balanced info.

Thinking of you and sending a big hug and my thoughts and prayers for you

Take care

Clare xx


No I am so so grateful for any thoughts and info . Thank you so much . Only got to wait till Monday and will ask Oncologist again!! xx


Hi Ricky, I feel till they really know if it's gone to your spine they shouldn't of mentioned it. All it does is stresses you out. At least the GP wants a bone scan so hopefully the results will be nothing to worry about.

I like what Choski has said lots of useful information that might help.

I wish I could give you a big hug. Please take care Cindyxx


Sorry to hear you are so down Ricky. I know that it is almost impossible not to worry but you don't have all the info...there's a chance it could be better than you think or just different. On my scans they picked up some lung Onc would not use the words 'clear scan' which freaked me out. Eventually someone told me that this was not cancer and that they had been there on every scan without moving or growing. Now they just think they are part of me which wouldn't have been noticed if I hadn't been scanned!

It's one day at a time with this disease..dont lose hope xx


Hi Ricky, sorry you are feeling so low but it's totally understandable. Try not to worry, I know that's easier said than done. The waiting is awful. The good thing is you are in the system and you will get answers soon. Sorry I can't give you any useful advice but wishing you all the best, Sarah


Hi Ricky

Just to let you know of my experience . Around 4 years ago when my consultant was giving me the NED results of my second scan after completing chemo, he remarked that the scan also showed arthritic changes in my vertebrae. He went on to assure me that PPC rarely if ever spread to bones. Of course I consulted Dr Google at the time and I read that both Cancer and Chemo and steroids can cause arthritis , and bones to be brittle . For me I was happy enough with the trade off . Plus I am a lady of a certain age ! When I had recurrence in my lymph nodes last year I was on Carboplatin. 10 days after my first one I woke up one night with an excruciating pain in my back. I could barely shuffle to the bathroom. I rang the oncology night number and they told me to take pain killers and see them on Mon. I had just walked in the door when the young junior doctor immediately said , you have a herniated disc. Pain killers and physio was his solution . Luckily my disc has sorted itself .

Of course as we all know every woman is different. You will only get a proper answer when you get your bone scan. In the meantime relax for the weekend knowing that for most of the time there is a perfectly innocent explanation . Let us know how you get on



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