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Anyone from London?

Hi ladies,

Do any of you ladies live in or around London? I am keen to arrange a meet up or speak to anyone over the phone about their experiences etc. My mum is currently going through treatment and doesnt know of anyone with ovarian cancer that is close by so it would be good to tell her that there are people like you out there! We live in North London. But equally if there is anyone out there who she can talk to when she is ready. Mum is convinced its just her with it!

Emma xx

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Oh Emma,

she so isn't the only one!There is an Ovacome day on March 4th and Im sure you will have other ladies post who would love to meet up in London,it is a valuable support to those with the disease,

Good luck,

Carole xx


If you also go to HOME and see the pinned post on the right called Support groups you can put your post code in and see the nearest groups, there are a few in London.



Hi Emma. Where do you live in North London? I live near Hammersmith Hospital and would be happy to meet up with/talk to your mum. All our journeys are different, but maybe we have things in common. I turned 70 a couple of weeks ago and have been NED since 2014. You can private message me, if you like. Best wishes to your mum. There are lots of us out there (unfortunately!) Deb xx


I live near Manchester so just a little too far to meet up, there is the catch up day in march in London which she may find encouraging? If she wants to contact me directly she is more than welcome to and can do so via my profile. Hope she is feeling a little less lost. Sending big hugs for you both and lots of love ❤️ xx Jane


Hi, I am in North London and very happy to offer any support.



Hi Emma , im from London too.

I am based in north west london . Your mum can contact me or call me .



Hi, I live in North London and could help out. Pleade feel free to message me privately. I can talk over the phone or meet up. Angela


I'm in North London too, close to Victoria and Piccadilly lines. Happy to meet up or chat on phone if it would be helpful. Message me if you'd like my number.

PS how lucky she is so have a daughter like you.


Hi Emma,

I'm a daughter of an OC warrior too. I know that our internal emotional struggle with the disease is nothing compared to what they are experiencing, but if you had any questions or just wanted to private message me with a vent or rant, please feel free to do so. At the beginning of my Mum's journey, I wished that I could have known there were other people who would understand my situation. :)


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