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BRCA 2 positive

Hi all,

I recently found out that I am BRCA2 positive. I was disappointed but not surprised when I consider my family history.

I'm just wondering what course of action anyone on this forum took when they found out? I was really surprised when the geneticist told me that 60-70% of women have preventive surgery! At my age, just turned the big 50, the consultant told me that I gave a 50/50 chance of developing breast cancer during my lifetime.

Like many on this forum, I've had a full hysterectomy and omentum removed and will be having last chemo next week. 1B/G3 OC so outcome is, hopefully, good. 🙏

Would be great to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Thank you,



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I have an appointment for a BRACA test in March. The positive thing about being positive is that some drugs work better if you are. At my age the possibility of brest cancer would have to be acute for me to have a mastectomy, but I'm 69. At your age it would be different. Close monitoring would be my choice.

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Hi Rachael47,

Thanks for your reply. I think, for the moment and near future , I will have to be continued to be monitored as still dealing with chemo etc. This whole thing is so unfair. Good luck with your test. All the best, Sarah

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Hello. When I had the news that I had been diagnosed Brca I was surprised as there is no history of cancer in our family. I was 54 and felt that the risk of breast cancer was low. I also felt that my body had been through enough surgery and preventative double mastectomy seemed a step too far then. I've not regretted my decision two years down the line but appreciate that it's very much a personal decision. All the best x


Hi Sarah

I'm brca 1..found out in summer 2016 having been dx with OC the year before. It can feel like yet another thing to deal with! I told my daughters and brother straight away and advised them to get tested.

In my view the whole tits off bits out thing is too much to take in right I decided to take up the genetists offer to go and talk it through in person. Like you say I found my risk of breast cancer was actually for now I'm on annual mammograms.

I would say follow what feels right for you ... take your time..get good information..and then decide xx Lyndall


Hi Sarah,

I found out I was Brca 2 in August last year, having had a full abdominal hysterectomy in Feb and 6 rounds of carbo/taxol for 3C OC. After talking to the genetic counsellor I decided against preventative surgery and opted for close monitoring instead. I felt like I'd been through enough. I'm 56 and was told that I had a 72% chance of developing breast cancer before the age of 70. As minard says this is a very personal decision, and I am happy with mine for the moment, I also know that my decision is not set in stone and I can opt for surgery in the future if I so choose.

On a positive note being BRCA positive does open up more options for treatment should OC rear its ugly head again. Good luck with whatever you decide. Jan x


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