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BRCA 1 Positive

So my genetic testing results came back and I am BRCA 1 positive. The strange thing is I am not really too upset about this and nearly see it as a very positive thing for me. Firstly, I will get better screening for breast cancer which can only be good. Secondly, I think it may well increase my options if existing options run out. Finally, it solves the mystery as to how I developed this. I will add that I have no children so I never had the worry of passing on the gene. Just thought I'd post this as I know this can be a big worry to ladies out there and although we are all individual in the way we think, I am sure that someone must think like me and see it as something a tiny bit positive rather than completely negative. Hope this post makes sense to some one.

Love to you all


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Dear Trish

You are, as always, 100% positive about everything you approach. I'm relieved you have your test results back and let's hope you can access PARP inhibitors that very sadly have not been included on the National Cancer Drugs Fund in England.

I felt much the same as you when I was having the test done. I have two daughters but would have even felt some sense of relief to have been able to identify the genetic mutation that caused ovarian cancer. As I understand it there are likely to be many more and it's just that they haven't been discovered yet.

I hope all is well with you. xx Annie


Hi Trish, I completely agree with you! I was dx with stage 3c Fallopian tube cancer last summer. I found out last month that I have BRCA1. I'm the same age as you and have no children. Currently NED.

I immediately felt relieved that I have BRCA1, in terms of knowing the reason for developing the cancer. My geneticist told me that BRCA1 is often associated with longer periods of remission, as well as greater sensitivity to treatments. And my oncologist has told me that BRCA1 means that there may be more treatment options available, even though I know it may be difficult to access PARP inhibitors. I definitely didn't think having BRCA1 was bad news...

I'd love to talk to you sometime about treatment options in Dublin, as I'm considering moving to the Dublin area in the next few months!

Louisa x


Hi Louisa

Send me a PM and we can touch base and I'll fill you in on everything I can :)

Best wishes



Hi Trish.

So glad you finally got the results - regardless of outcome.

I do know that have the BRCA1 gene does open up other options of treatments , so it can be a case of one door closing and another door opening.

Hope you are in good health otherwise and able to enjoy our 'summer' which in Cork is wet and miserable.

Love & Best Wishes,



Hi Daisies,

I'm sharing that beautiful summer with you! Dublin is a wash out although the sun has got its hat in today so fingers crossed. Sorry to hear about the recurrence. I had that combination. And it worked well. I also had a slight reaction to Carbo so I just took it slower with Piriton.

Wishing you all the best




Hi Trish I found the BRAC 1 diagnosis helpful. I stopped blaming myself for causing my cancer. I do have kids and we have spoken about it but they are too young to be tested. If either of them has inherited the gene they can be more vigilant and jopefully catch it early. JO XXXX


There Is the possibility for you to get the innovative treatment with PARP inhibitors -suitable for BRCA positive only, which is very positive and also an opportunity I think. Suddenly I'll find out about my BRCA test result too.  


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