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Night Sweats

Hi folks

Just wondered if anyone suffers from really bad night sweats. I don't think it's anything to do with the menopause as that shipped sailed a good while ago. One thing I do find strange is after my surgery (2yrs ago) I had quite a long time when I didn't have any but they came back and seem to be getting worse. My poor husband has to put up with the window wide open and a summer duvet even if it's sub zero temperature outside and even then it's like someone's thrown water over me. I say night sweats but I can also have episodes in the day only not as bad. Any advice would be greatly appreciated xx

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It wont stop them but have you considered a Chillow Pillow (I'm always recommending this and I am sure people think I have shares!) but it really is a godsend. I hope they diminish soon - nothing worse.

Kathy xxx


Thanks Kathy I have heard of these before will give it a go xx


Night sweats horrendous !!!

Surgical menopause 3 months ago . I've tried everything to try to reduce them .

List as follows 😂

Chillo pillow ok but gets warm .

Cool as cucumber pillows from Argos

Pure cotton bedding


Lady magnet rubbish !

Drinking 3 litres of water a day although I'm on chemo at the minute

Cotton pj thrown off half way through the night

Sleeping on a towel !

Acupunture which has reduced the intensity in the day but not night .

I can't have any supplements due to chemo .

I find if the windows are open my sweats are worse because I get really cold hense have more intense heat .

I have my heating on low room temperature and this works for me I just put my fan on .

Does it feel like torture for you ? I'm having about 15 sweats in the day and around 4-5 at night !!!

If you find a magic potion be sure to let me know . Good luck xx

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I would speak to the GP, night sweats can be related to blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid, so worth checking out.

LA xx


If you're sure it can't be the menopause and If you have any other symptoms it may be worth checking with your CNS as I had bad night sweats while I was waiting for my confirmed diagnosis before starting treatment which went away once treatment started. I remember someone on this forum (Trix I think) said that night sweats indicated to her she was recurring.

I don't suppose it is but worth checking and / or with your GP.

All the best!


Hi Sue

Have you looked into the duvets where they are different TOGs each side. Not used one myself as did not have any symptoms with the menopause but seems like a good idea for you and hubby.



I have been getting sweats again and wondered why my ship also sailed a while ago. I have my surgeon next Thursday and that's one of the questions I will be asking. I get them any time, my sister in law thought it wasn't happening then Sunday I had one and she said you're face and neck where bright red.

Hugs Ellsey xx


Hi Ellsey

Yes I'm going to ask the consultant at my next appt please let me know what they say and we can compare notes

Luv Sue x


Certainly will

Hugs Ellsey xx


Hi Susue,

I agree with January 2016. I had passed through the menopause and night sweats were long gone. Then I had 3 months of severe night sweats-everything very wet, even hair at nape of neck was soaking. Much much worse than menopausal ones I used to get . I was diagnosed with OC just after that-a large tumour. I believe cancer can cause these extreme night sweats. After surgery they stopped ,as though a switch was pressed. I still get mild hot flushes at night which wake me especially if the room is warm but it is completely different from the extreme sweats I have described. I sweat a little but am not soaking wet as before. I do not wish to worry you and it may be nothing but I felt I should reply as if I ever get those sweats again I will be going straight in to get checked. Might be wise to get looked at and CA 125 checked. I do hope it is nothing but not something to ignore. Your Onc will take it from there. All the best. Let us know how you get on.

Angel-teal xxxxx


Thanks Angel-Teal I'm at the hospital on the 14th February although I have mentioned it before but they only seem interested in any problems with bowel or bladder and when I asked why they always ask that they said that's the most likely place it would spread. I always check what my CA125 is and it was ok last time will let you know how I get on

Luv Sue xx


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