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So the avastin has not worked and I'm starting carbo/caylex tomorrow.

I'm clearly not looking forward to this and have been advised by a friend to look into immunotherapy. A non toxic way of getting rid of cancer. I have done a little Google research and found that it's very expensive not available on the NHS and not a lot of studies have been done on it to show success rates.

Can anyone tell me if they have tried immunotherapy if so how effective was it? Also any advice for the new chemo would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

Asma x

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  • I asked about immunotherapy at my oncology appointment last week. He said realistically it'll be ten years before it's proven as an effective way of fighting OC I was disappointed but understand in drug solutions it's early days. I'm quite anti chemo anyway although never say never. So understand why you would be interested in a different option

    LA xx

  • I read an article to say that its effective with chemo to prevent platinum resistance...

    well I'm going tomorrow to have it but have put things in place to make recovery better and side effects to a minimum, god willing!

    I have also teamed up with a emotional wellbeing gynaecologist who is really interested in talking to my oncologist to discuss possible high dose vitamins to prevent my body from becoming completely depleted. but she is not very open to these things so watch this space..

    hope your well LA

    Asma x

  • High dose vit C is my fave. We have an amazing tea lady in the chemo suite, and she pours it down you to keep you hydrated lol. Nothing beats positive thoughts. Best of luck.

    LA xx

  • It's vit C she wants to give so interested to see what oncologist says

  • This is a very useful site to double check ideas against

  • Thanks will look on that x

  • I am on carb/ caylex, it's not been too bad for me. I get the normal down days week of chemo. I have just had my fourth and am very tired this time. I also get a rash week 3 as your body sweat reacts to the Caylex. On antihistamine now so hoping I don't get it this month.

    Good luck with your treatment , xx

  • Good luck, it was orange colour that got me ๐Ÿ™ˆ waiting to be tangoed

  • I am on an immunotherapy trial , pembrolixumab . This is a phase 2 trial ....Curates egg response , good in parts . Some shrinkage , some gone , some growing , some new growth .

    But , nothing like the toxicity of chemo ....And I am feeling quite well .

    What happens to me after the trial , I have no idea . After five rounds of chemo over six years , I feel very lucky to be here at all . Trials are worth looking at , but they are a huge commitment too . However , since we all react differently to the tried and tested drugs , the lure of the unknown , is not so bad !

    Good luck with the research x

  • That sounds really positive and interesting. Thank you will look into it x

  • Caelyx carbo has been ok for me....still do virtually everything....have been 'religious' about mouth wash and moisturising though...seem to get tired but almost forget what its like not to be(!) Good luck! Chris

  • Yep it's my new norm too

  • It's incredible how far your mind will take you. Stress affects the immune system, so there are some holistic ways you could try, if only to rationalise your thoughts and clear your head. Do something that makes you feel happy every single day. I know it's easier said than done but the power of a peacful mind can do wonders xxx

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