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Chemo question

I have my pre-chemo check today at the hospital, and am full of aches and pains, not sure if it's nerves or playing Kinnect golf with hubby.....asked him if he thought it was back but you can tell he thinks I'm worrying too much.

Anyway, my question, I keep reading about weight loss, is that likely to happen with chemo? I've swapped the calium tabs for 2 pints of milk much nicer actually.


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hello LA,

i have lost little bit of weight after first chemo just because i was scared to be sick so ate very small amounts of food but after that i started to putting weight on and im actually 6kg heavier as pre treatment. could be menopause as well.

good luck

love Zuzi


Hi Lily-Anne

I was terrified of losing lots of weight and looking really ill, but the opposite happened to me and I put on a lot. I had a very healthy appetite all through my chemo. My new years resolution is to try and lose some!

Good luck and try not to worry too much.

Love Linda xx


Hi Lily-Anne,

I put on weight as well love x G x


Hi Lily-Anne,

I only lost weight after the operation. My oncologist told me to 'eat well even if I didn't feel like it'. I took that on board and I also gained a little weight throughout the chemo each time they weighed me.

Like Linda, I need to lose a little now.

Kathleen :)


Hi lily-Anne

I gained weight too. The only time I've lost it during treatment is when I was stuck in hospital!

Planning to try &loose some now I've finished chemo

Love Chris


Dear Lily-Anne

My oncologist advised that generally people put on weight during chemotherapy. It's due to the steroids giving you an appetite of a horse.

I didn't take the full dose of steroid but worked out what was right for me so it avoided the worry of overdosing and massive hunger pangs.

I lost 2 stone in total in the lead up to having surgery and post surgery but have regained most of that weight.

I think if you're full of aches and pains after your pre-chemo visit it must be the golf or worry. There shouldn't be any side effects to the nuclear test you had on your kidneys.

Hoe 3 Jan goes well.xxxx love Annie


Hi Lily-Anne

Different for all! I lost weight throughout my first lots of chemo and through to after the op. i kind of lost interest, and had no appetite effect from steroids at all - plus loss of tastebuds. Just starting to feel weight creeping on now, but still a couple of stone down. I think the gain is only happening now because I have just thought "oh sod it" and eaten whatever I wanted... and have a bit of a passion for cream ;)

Really hope it goes well for you on 3rd. Am sure it will.


Sue xxx


Unplanned weight loss is a symptom of cancer, I lost 3 stone before diagnosis but I thought it was because I was dieting for my daughters wedding, I didn't take on board that I was loosing weight even when I was eating all the wrong things.

I started putting it back on after surgery and I hate to admit it has almost all gone back on.

Will be doing something about that in the new year.

good luck with your treatment, you will find it isn't as bad as you feared

love Chris xx


I did lose wait when diagnosed thought I wasnt eating too much with the bloating, but after discussing with the gyno for the operation he said eat anything I shouldnt say it but you need to build up.This has been the theme most of the time although I worry about the weight remaining it seems that this is the least of the side effects they seem to prefer you to have some weight on. when having the chemo. I must think about losing some weight when all the

christmas goodies have gone!!



I lost weight with the chemo and with the surgery but I do have a tendency towards nausea. My husband used to try to get me all sorts of tasty treats, I think it was a bit like trying to cater for someone in pregnancy. When I could only manage small morsels, I tried to make them as high calorie as possible. Peanut butter and other fattening stuff often fitted the bill. I have put some of the weight back on and though my appetite isn't what it was at least I'm enjoying my food again.

If the anti nausea pills they give you aren't effective, do report this as they can give you stronger ones. I was given these after the second and subsequent chemo cycles and whilst I still couldn't eat much for several days, at least I wasn't heaving.

Wishing you all the very best

Love Mary xxx


Hi Lilly Anne

I also put on weight during chemo a stone over the eighteen weeks. I found it because you tend to eat what you feel like to help with horrible taste in mouth.

Also I found because I was in house a lot more I picked often out of boredom. If you can find energy take up a hobby I wished I had.



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