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Fight like a son of a gun!

I too was diagnosed with 3C and had 18 rounds but first radial hysterectomy with debulking. I did go into remission for 10 months but now it came back(a very small spot in lefty pelvic node). Again, Tuesday I will start chemo 2 weeks on, 1 week off. Very upset but no choice. I have a wonderful life and also not ready to pack it in. Something that has become part of living. Stay strong and be thrilled when you wake up every day.

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Hear hear Carolelynn that's the spirit! !

We go through so much and it's so gut wrenching to find the bugger has decided to take route again! I'm on 3rd line treatment in as many years so have accepted that as long as I can get a few months off between treatments then so be it! Life is so incredibly precious and like you I don't intend to waste a second! ! My philosophy is if we spend time worrying over what the future holds we can't enjoy the present!

You have absolutely the right attitude and you will beat the beast! !!! Xxx


Sure working on it. In the beginning I thought oh, I'll beat this one! As time goes on I see it's not quite that easy. My body looks like a road map but I earned every new route to good health. Really funny but other than cancer I'm really healthy. Led a clean life and at this point take 1/2 Zanax to sleep. Ready to get started with 2nd round. Did you get side effects from Avastin?


I've never been offered Avastin as I don't think I qualify under the NICE guidelines; I'm on carbo / taxol again as has been 2 years since I had it before.

I fully intend to ask my oncologist whether he thinks I could benefit from it - if so I'm willing to pay for it! Also want to ask about the current thinking around Metformin, Aspirin and statins for containing this beast so we'll see! All avenues worth exploring! ! Xx


What state are you in? I thought Metformin was for Diabetes and statins for high blood pressure?


Hi carolelynn. Google Care Oncology Clinic, repurposing drugs. Specifically this, as there are many clinics with similar names.

You will see news features from the Telegraph & Mail. Plus the Times recently covered research in the use of Statins for cancer.

By the way, look at PARP inhibitors too. Look for Prof Jonathan Lederman on YouTube.

Don't wait till you v weak, start checking out options now.

Oops, bit bossy there


May God continue to bless you with strength and faith and the positive attitude you have my prayers are with you that you are healed completely from this dreadful disease . 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️


Good morning, Thank you for your good wishes. I'm thinking positive and wish Thurs was here already and get started. The unknown is the worst. Spent a very nice week in Ca and going home to Az today. Hope you are feeling good as well👍🏼🐞💃🏻


Be strong and stay focused!! Not easy but we can do it. Hugs from New Jersey, USA




I am strong and focused! Being an ex- NEW YORKER that the only way to be.

Crazy strong we have to be! I ❤️ NY.



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