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In A&E

Well I thought I was doing so well but last night had no sleep with trips to the loo every 15/20mins with urgent explosive diarrhoea (sorry!). I felt really nauseous but took my anti sickness meds and got that under control. Finally fell into a fitful sleep around 6am. I phoned my treatment centre hotline during the morning and they told me to get down to A&E. I did argue a little as A&E is not the place to be with a dodgy tummy! Anyway here I am waiting for blood results and a bag of fluid. I suppose they need to establish whether I have just picked up a bug or if my symptoms are side effects if the chemo. However it's not all bad - one of my daughter's very good friends is on duty and is looking after me very well.

Hope this finds you all as well as possible on this sunny afternoon

Janine xxx

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Oh Janine you poor thing, how awful for you :( Although I'm glad you're being looked after well and getting checked over. Hope the runs and nausea calm down and you get home soon. Let us know how you get on. Thinking of you xx


Sounds horrid. Hope your ok. Big hugs x


Doesn't sound pleasant!. Hope they get your symptoms resolved and you can go home soon! xx


Oh dear! Hope you get more sleep tonight..these things do happen on chemo with any luck you should feel better soon xx


Thinking of you - isn't it awful how A&E can make us feel.

I so hope you were seen, treated and are feeling better.

Clare xx


I understand the anti a&e I'm not keen to go. How are you doing now?

LA xx


So sorry you had to go to A&E Hope they have made you more comfortable and you are home and cosy . Love Kim x


Hoping you get to the bottom of this and get home feeling better.

Netti x


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