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My Sister, my best Friend


Hello all, I’m new here, my sister was diagnosed this time last year, after chemo, debulking, chemo, blood clots, neumonia and sepsis it reoccurred within first 3 monthly check 😢

Her first chemo (Caelyx) didn’t seem too bad but ended up in hospital with a bowel blockage, thankfully it got moving. Sorry I’m, we are so worried as what to eat, don’t want it happening again before next chemo.

You are all so brave and strong through all this horrible disease throws as you and want to help my sister through this in every way I can. Cannot see her starve for fear of bowel blocking again. Thank you ladies if you have any ideas to get through this I would love to hear from you.

xxx Sally

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Hi Sally, Your sister must keep eating she needs to keep her strength up. Caelyx and most chemo course constipation I take Coloxyl softener and laxatives most night when in hospital they gave this every day . also have Movicol and I drink a glass of prune juice.

If you add fiber to your diet you must drink plenty of water as this helps, I don't drink water on it's own so I add a little lemon juice. make up a large jug and drink through the day.

I'm sure the ladies will also give you some good advice also talk to her team and ask advice, below is link that may help.

Take care Lorraine xx💙💙

Thank you Lorraine, she also has a stoma, (colostomy) fitted last year and has managed it very well up until having the blocked bowel.

Thanks again for your help, so much appreciated 💕 xx


It's always worth using the search button top right to see what you can find. These two historic conversations probably have useful tips and links to support your sister.

Please be cautious about replying to anyone, as some of the contributors are no longer with us. Check the date of posting ( top right in the box).

I always favour home-made soups, but check the ingredients in one of the links.

It's great she's got your support. Best of luck to you both.

parksiepeople in reply to Hidden

It's ok if u can eat I found it very difficult to eat anything apart from soup for at least a week often longer. You could try making veg soup including cabbage cauliflower. I took senna found them better than movicol. Took 4 a day for 2 weeks. Constipation is the worse side effect for me. I'm now on a genetic drug and the most common side effect is diarohha with an unusual side effect being constipation. What do I get constipation. Luckily I've never ended up in hospital with it which is surprising reading your post. Good luck taking care of your sister that's the best help in the world

karen xx

Thank you Karen ❤️ xx

Sallyr3311 in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much we will 💕 xx

As a frequent bowel blocker since I had a Stoma I have learned that loose yellow stools can indicate a blockage further back so stop eating solids have soup yoghurt plenty to drink and hope it moves along.Happened two weeks ago and another week to clear an amazing blockage.Also take lactulose time to time but that dies give me crampy pain. stick to a low residue diet found online and good luck. Vivx

Dear Sallie, I hope your sister is doing better! I take Miralax powder every day; it has really saved me, as blockages have been a real problem. I don't dare skip a day! I would highly recommend your sis see a gastroenterologist; he will know exactly what and how much laxative she should use. The nice thing about Miralax is, there is no cramping; no bowel stimulants. Best of luck; let us know how she (and you, caretaker!) is doing!💖Margaret

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