My friend's doctor

Hey all again! Thank you so much your encouraging to my friend on my last post. Love you people ❤

But today , this morning. My friend called me crying cause she had dr. Appointment about to start her chemo.

So.. She said that her dr. Said these words: ' "Most of woman dies cause' this disease. You can reach ned but almost for sure you die in this. "

Im shock that these kinds of doctors do their job today... So so so sad. I know that this dr do not be onlyone.

She just did complaint to hospital of this Dr. So unprofessional.

I am angry.. Thankful I have lovely dr.

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  • I think the comment is irresponsible. I'm sorry your friend has had to deal with this. Xx

  • Argh, yes... Thanks !

  • Wow, I can't believe the doctor has been so thoughtless.

    So sorry to hear that. X

  • I can't believe either ....! Sad..

  • I'm so sorry that your friend had to listen to a totally unprofessional doctor who was talking utter rubbish. That is a scary and stupid thing for any doctor to say and I'm glad she felt she could report him or her.

    People die of all sorts of reasons , some with cancer and some without but ovarian cancer does not have to mean everyone with it dies FROM it or Because of it.

    I'm angry that in this day and age professionalism in some areas is so lacking. I hope your friend can put this individuals stupid comment behind her.

    Sending her a big hug

    Clare .

  • Thank you C. I think the same as you.. Can't believe this happen... But thank you 🙂

  • Hi there, so sorry to hear this, no one has a crystal ball, no one knows how their oc will pan out. I hope your friend doesn't have to see this doctor again. I have been there myself with GPs they are not all like that lets hope she does well with her treatment. Cindyxx

  • Thanks❤

  • I do wish health professionals would think a bit more sometimes. When I was first diagnosed I was told by a nurse 'Your cancer will come back and it will shorten your life'...... so there we are, I have carried that sentence with me for the last 9 years..... regardless of the fact that others have said how does she know the words are out there.

  • Oh god how terrible... I think is useless even tell ro people thar their may come back cause' no-one can't tell that. Good luck to you ❤

  • I think your friends doctor is obnoxious and she should change doctors,

  • She change it soon. Traumatic experience for her..

  • I would complain about the doctors to the General Medical Council. I will be complaining about my special persons doctor over the next few months as she ignored her for years on end and she said people within her family had died of OC and Breast! These doctors do my nut think they know it all when they know absolutely NOTHING to some degree there are ladies on this site who are so many years post from the date of finding out and please remember and encourage her to remember the word 'terminal' doesn't mean death within weeks or months you can be 'terminal' for years and it can be something different that kills you.

    I hope she feels better soon and if she needs somewhere she can talk to people come here xxx

  • How irresponsible and unsupportive your friends GP is. Fortunately she has a supportive friend like you. Everybody on the planet is 'terminal' we will all die one day (morbid I know but true) the fact she has OC does not mean it will be a definite death sentence, I am now 2 years in remission, there are other ladies on here who are longer in remission than me. She needs to move to a better GP and get better support. Give her a big hug from me and tell her to try to be positive, it really does help ❤️xx

  • So sorry to hear this and I can imagine what a blow that must have been, but he truly knows no more than the next person, which is nothing! As others have said, nobody knows how long any of us have on this planet and people do go on to recover and remain in remission long term. I am stage 4 and I'm thankful that my consultant has never made any mention of a time frame with me...he just focuses on making me better and so do I! It's really all we can do. I am glad to hear she has complained and I hope the next doctor she finds will be more compassionate and professional and encouraging as we have reason to be! Sorry she had to go through this and you had to experience her distress. Try to put it behind you both and focus on healing and being in the now as much as possible. I really find this helps and hope your friend does too. Hugs to you both

    Mary xx

  • Daniella, your friend's doctor has zero empathy and should have a job where he is not required to speak to patients. His soul crushing statement is HARMING the patient. When diagnosed, I had about 2 weeks to live if I did not accept treatment. It is now exactly one year later, I am in pathological remission and I feel fantastic!!! There is a possibility that my disease may never reoccur. This does happen!

  • Thank you! Yes, he had job that he only have customers once a week. Rest of time he work at laboratory..

    Xx D

  • That is absolutely unacceptable. He is not God!

    The mind is a powerful thing! His negativity isn't good medicine!

    Please tell your friend that all of us are individuals we must keep up with the fight.

    Everyday there are breakthroughs as well as miracles!

    That Dr needs to be talked too!

    I send lots of hugs to her all the way from 🇨🇦


  • Thank you :) I have told her all the positive things and your stories and encourages helps her too ❤ I'm thankful !

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