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hernia (hiayus hernia)

I've been to the the hosiptal and my family doctor i've had ever blood test imaginable

i had ct scan ultrasound but nothing. I believe that it is a hiatal hernia (hiatus hernia.)

I have been suffering bloating, gas pain and pain in my bowels . I can't sleep alot of the time. I have trouble eating food followed by pain in my stomach and bowels in my back area. I can eat only a small amount and only certian types of foods .There is a tugging in my bowels in my back it feels twisting and pulling and my stomach hurts up to my esophagus, i get alot of acid reflux. Iam at my witts end can any one help me 5 months of hell .

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My partner has a fixed hiatal hernia. (Fixed as in non sliding, not repaired.)

He takes Somac (pantoprazole) every day to lower the amount of acid in his stomach and he no longer gets symptoms unless he massively over eats.

The other suggestion our GP made was to prop the head end of the bed up on bricks so gravity helps keep the acid down, and he sleeps on his side to sleep on his left so the opening of the stomach is facing up, rather than down.

He was diagnosed with a gastroscopy.

I hope you can find relief soon, they can be horrible.


Firstly, I would say don't give up on trying to find out exactly what the problem is and what courses of treatment are available, even if it means getting a second opinion. They seem to have done all the usual tests but if you still have the symptoms, keep on at them! A gastroscopy and/or a colonoscopy may be needed to check the areas where you are feeling so uncomfortable. Best wishes for an improvement in the new year. Val x


Hello! Post surgery I suffered from all of the symptoms you mentioned. For 3 months I told my GP, oncologist and gastro doctors all of the symptoms and they kept telling me it was just 'post surgical side effects and they would subside'. I was taking prilosec, Ibuprophen, propping my head and chest up to sleep at night, using a heat pad for my back and surviving on mostly smoothies for nutrition.

On one particular day the symptoms got so bad I called my oncologist's office and spoke to a P.A. that I hadn't met. She immediately responded with 'it sounds like you have ascities'. She sent me for an ultrasound and she was correct. They drained 6 liters of fluid from my abdomen and I felt tremendously better. (I am 5'6" and was down to 110 lbs at the time so 6 liters was a lot!)

Sadly, ascites is part of this disease and I had to have 3 of those paracentesis over the course of 13 weeks, but it did get better! This may not be your issue, but possibly something to mention. ??

I pray you can find some relief!



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