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I have a large hernia after my cancer op. The belt they supplied with velcro is so incomfortable and keeps rolling up. They made me a bespoke one only 6 inches in length but as hernia just above belly button I find that it still rolls up. Has anyone else out there with a hernia and what would they recommend. Have seen surgeon who says i don't need op as it's big, seemingly a good sign for which I'm glad any advice would be appreciated

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Hi Molly, I feel your pain! I have a collection of hernias, but have discovered Primark’s support pants which come all the way up to my boobs and gently squash in the hernias with Lycra. They were a fiver, which I think is money well spent for feeling supported. There’s a whole range of support garments, which I have in black - there’s also white and that weird flesh-colour which doesn’t actually match anyone’s flesh! Hope that helps. Deb x

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Madmolly in reply to Boot1947

Gosh that's great a fiver certainly look into that. Mine is just above tummy button

Hi also have a large hernia, and waiting to see a surgeon. I find wearing firm control shapewear helps, especially the high waisted knickers. Got mine in Sainsbury. Hope this helps.

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Mumsie13 in reply to Tonky

I have a huge parastomal hernia - starts just above my naval and covers most of left side abdomen. I was offered belt and full pants (when it was a bit too late) but I just couldn't stand wearing them. They were just too tight and uncomfortable and worse, they interfered with the function of my stoma. I eventually settled on the Sloggi medium support pants. I found it absolutely does not roll. Also Bon Marche do something similar but cheaper. I never thought of Primark but I'm sure their support garments will do a similar job. I don't wear them all the time - usually when I'm doing something a bit energetic, like going for walks, hoovering, gardening or just generally out and about. When I'm resting I take it off and wear full size panties with a bit of stretch - bit unglam but so comfortable. My circs are a little different but I hope this helps in some way. Jackie

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Mumsie13 in reply to Mumsie13

PS. I think your doctor is right about the size and surgery. I think they believe a larger hernia is less prone to strangulation. My colorectal surgeon thought it best to leave well alone.

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Madmolly in reply to Mumsie13

Thanks for all the Info will certainly have a look. Mine is large on left habd side above belly button

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Madmolly in reply to Tonky

Thanks they said because its large no need to operate and will refer me but hospital so far out the way

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Madmolly in reply to Tonky

Thanks Tony hope to find something that does not roll thanks

I bought a support brace/girdle after my debulking as some people recommended it. Cost quite a bit, but found it uncomfortable, though it didnt ride up. Im in Sloggi support pants and find them good though I dont have a hernia (yet!)

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Madmolly in reply to rosebine

Lucky you. I will try the pants have a couple of sloggies but don't know if the ewill come up high enough

Ah. Here they would rein it in. Here being france. Find a good abdominal brace and wear it to avoid problems. They make ones that don't roll ask for a good fitting from pharmacy. Hugs from paris

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Madmolly in reply to Ruebacelle

Thanks will go on line and see what comes up


I have a parastomal hernia and I have tried a number of support belts, from cheap ones on Amazon, to more expensive ones on Amazon to ones i've got on prescription.

My Stoma is slightly lower than my naval and to left of my naval. I have a fairly short torso so I generally don't get belts more than 15cm (6inches) high, other wise they do tend to roll up.

When I first got a hernia around my stoma (no one recommended getting and wearing a support belt which was frustrating because the hernia could have been avoided had I been advised properly) I used to wear support tubes... but I found that these were not supportive enough.

I does not sound like you have a stoma/parastomal hernia so your support needs will be different. They say that if your belt is rolling up, then it's not quite in the right position. But for me, anything over 15cm seems to roll up, unless it has splints in it. i'll post pics of the different belts i have.

This one I got off Amazon. 'Every Day Medical' Velcro fastener. I find it very comfortable. I actually prefer to wear it over a vest as opposed to directly on my skin, but it's still fairly comfortable directly on my skin. But it's comfortable and I think around £28. It comes with a round pad which you can put over your hernia, if it's a small hernia, but the pad is not suitable fo my hernia so i just use the belt on its own. This belt is 16cm (i can't remember if they do other heights, i'm sure they do. But this 16cm belt does not seem to roll up on me, it may be the material that prevents it from rolling up.

Hernia support belt from Amazon

This one is from Comfizz. 16cm height. Velcro fastener. comfortable material, but as you can see rolls up - on me anyway. They didn't do a 15cm, which I'm sure would not have rolled up.

Comfizz white belt

This one I got on prescription from a company called SuportX. They can send a fitting person round to your house, they show you what they have in their brochure, they measure you.

This one is comfortable. Velcro fastner and some sort of rubberised\laytex type (not rubber or laytex) edging to stop it from rolling.

For those of you with a Stoma, you can get this on prescription (also in nude and white), when you receive it, you can mark where you want a hole to be made for your stoma bag, you send it back to them and they create an reinforced hole for your stoma bag.


For those of you with a Stoma, I have about five of these. I find them to be the most comfortable and the most adjustable. I found them on Amazon. They're a bit pricey, but worth it for the comfort. It's made by an Italian company ORIONE. Ostomy support belt. light grey. available in 6 sizes. costs about £59.00.

It has a detachable stoma surround and a stoma bag cover flap which you can see in the closed position in this pic.

ORIONE stoma belt

again, for thise of you with a stoma, this is the Ostomy support belt by ORIONE (from Amazon) with the cover flap open, you can see the black detachable stoma support pad which you allows you to wash it separately from the belt. The belt has support splints in it which prevents it from rolling up... the material id sooooo soft. Don't wash on a hot wash though, otherwise the belt will shrink slightly.

ORIONE ostomy support belt
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Madmolly in reply to Meridian14

Thank you so much for all the Info you have sent me. Likewise I am small in stature had I adjusted to 6" but still not right. I did write a lot to you but lost it when Tring to take photo of belt so will try and send itt seperate ly. I have ordered 2 from Amazon and hope the are good. THANK YOU SO MUCH MERIDAN

Hi. Yes!! Im overweight .Have a big hernia a bit aboveand to the left of my belly button. I take full body Cat Scans every 4 or 5 months even though the doctor says every 3. My oncologist says if it doesnt hurt or bother me then lets leave it alone. I wear looseopen tops over tank tops because its noticeable. As long as we are all doing well then its ok. I wish the best for you. Feel free to stay in touch. 🌹🌷🌺💐

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Madmolly in reply to Panther17

Thank you like yourself it does not bother me have plenty loose tops if I feel the need I bought a belt on line and it is fine if I go out somewhere special. Thanks panther

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