Relieved the Liver Biopsy is over

Hello all. I hope you all had a pain free christmas, and were not stuck cooking all over the holidays. I had the liver biopsy yesterday and I am so relieved, but I don't know why I am. I have to get the results yet and everytime I think about it, it really turns my stomach. Feeling a bit low to be honest. It's all, What if? I would love to take a holiday from myself, it sounds ridiculious I know. I want to cry. It's just hard to be positive all the time. I am drained, both physically and mentally. As well as that my bloods are low and i have to get a transfusion. I dont mean to drag you all down with my post. My husband finds all of this harder to deal with all this than me at times. I just feel alone.

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  • Oh damelza I have just read your post, it's a bloody horrible disease (excuse my French)when do you get your results for your biopsy. It's the waiting for results it plays on your mind. I am thinking about you and you know we are all here for you. Sending you big hugs and prayers

    Lots of love Julie xx

  • You are not alone we are here with you and hiw you feel it completely understandable its unrealistic to be positive all of the time.

  • Hi Demelza,

    Sorry you are down,it gets us like this sometimes,you are never alone,we are all here.I too would like to take a holiday from myself,my thoughts, my body ect. I'm like beam me up Scotty sometimes,but, there is always something to fight for,to be here,to be healthy and be with the ones we love.

    I think you feel this bad because you need that transfusion, I had 2 in my treatment and felt so much better afterwards.

    I wish you all the best

    Carole xxx

  • Dear Damelza, it is very hard to be positive all the time. Waiting for results is always a very difficult time and we all get so many different thoughts going through our mind. You could try taking a holiday from yourself by doing something different from your daily routine or taking a day trip somewhere if possible. I am sending you lots of positive vibes and wishing you all the best for 2017. X X

  • Hi sometimes I feel the same, would love to take a holiday from myself!! Sending you a big hug, stay strong. You've just been through a horrible procedure and waiting for results is so hard, it's all sometimes very overwhelming isn't it, you are not on your own, we all know how you are feeling and are here if you need to talk, shout, rant, cry, we can send lots of positive vibes your way lots of love



  • Hey Damelza,

    I was wondering how you had got on! You put it so well about taking a holiday from yourself as I know exactly what you mean!!!

    I am crossing everything for you regarding the liver biopsy and if you ever need to vent about the disease in person give me a shout!


  • Dear Damelza

    I know how do you feel. Specially, like girls said, it's hard when you are waiting for results. Christmas time doesn't help ass well. We are here for each other. For good news, bad news, for laught and moaning and worries.

    Our live is different now, our mood is changing often, and only us, women who were fighting this illness, who went all involved procedures, treatments, tests, scans etc know exactly how hard it is. So we are here. Big family with special connection. Talk to us and we try to help.

    Thinking of you, believing for good results.


    Zaneta xx

  • Liver biopsies take it out of you in more ways than one. Waiting for results is also unnerving. Most of us sit and wait for the "it is back" or "it has spread" words. Whatever, results are just results not you and who you are. You are a battler, you are resilient, you can get through it. I hope you have some rest and peace over New Year to recover and regroup.

  • Sending you a big cyber hug 💐💐 x Jenny x

  • Hi Damelza

    I think we all understand how you feel as we have all been there .

    Your description of taking a holiday from yourself says it all. Just know that we are with you . It is all those things you mention, draining physically and mentally . Remember though that worrying about the results is wasting your precious time. I have to remind myself every time I have a scan. Don't just sit and worry. Easier said than done I know. Just do what you have done today. Reach out here and you will get many words of comfort. Take care


  • Oh Hun, I just wanted to send you a huge virtual ((hug)) sounds like you're really going through the mill. I know exactly what you mean when you say you need a holiday from yourself...wouldn't that be a good thing sometimes. I'm glad the liver biopsy is done and will keep everything crossed for positive results. You're in my thoughts.

    Jemima xx

  • Hi Demelza,

    I'm glad our biopsy is over and one with and like everybody on this site will keep fingers crossed for positive results. I'm sending you a virtual cuddle.


  • Hi Demelza

    Dealing with the unknown is always tough as we are not in control but when you have your results there will be a plan that you can focus on. The waiting is draining and hard to keep positive but sending warmth and hugs as so many on here really do know how it feels. Take care and know many are thinking of you! X


  • Hi Damelza I hope the Biopsy went well and that you wont have to wait so long for a result and that the result will be okay. I think the whole thing plays on us now and again. If you are near a Cancer Support Group do go along and try and speak to one of their listeners who may suggest you speak to a counsellor, It mightnt be a bad idea because of what you have been through. I use Arc Cancer Support maybe I am repeating myself but there are also there for husbands and family of those sick. My husband wouldnt go but then he wouldnt speak to my gynae from day one. Some times I think he is in denial about the whole thing. I wish you well with the results and let us know how it goes.

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