Nagging pains - over reacting?

Hello lovely ladies

Some of you may already remember that I had 2 ops over the summer, the first to remove a suspicious 'cyst' (which turned out to be a 16cm mucinous ovarian tumour i fondly called 'Ripley') and the second to have my right ovary, fallopian tube and appendix removed. Biopsies taken at the second op (from abdominal washings and omentum) suggested they'd got it all and none of Ripley's 'ally mutants' had got out & spread. I have an appointment to see my Oncologist again in March next year but she said if i had any issues before then, to get in contact with the CNS.

Recently, I've been getting nagging abdominal pains on the lower, left-hand side (where my darling remaining ovary sits) and it sometimes shoots through to my lower back. I'd say the last week or two, I've been going to bed with a hot water almost every night. At the gym today, I also had quite horrible sharp pains right across the front, lower abdominal area and as I sit here now, i feel like i need to reach for pain relief (which, as a general rule of thumb, i tend to not need unless really really necessary!) I've also not bled since my post-op bleed in Aug (which I was told was normal) and the odd spotting mid-Sept (note: i'm 33 and on the Cerelle mini pill) so i'm also not sure if that is 'normal'.

So this afternoon, I have emailed my CNS. I chatted with my hubby about it and he keeps saying that if i want a scan, we'll just go get one sorted. But I'm wondering if i'm just being a bit of a baby/over worrying and it's just things 'settling down' (although it's been 3 months today since my last op!). Part of me wants to have a scan to check, but part of me doesn't want to 'give in' and be a slave to the worry when it's probably just 'ok'. Because how many times can i do this? Be scanned every month just to keep me sane?

I know, based on many here, my situation is very straight forward and by no means anywhere NEAR as scary as what most of you are really are troopers that I have the utmost respect for...but it's worrying to me. Because before all this, i have NEVER been poorly. In fact, I'd go as far as to say (and I read this on my medical records) I am an otherwise, slim, healthy, fit & young individual (always nice to read!) :)

Just thought i'd get some of your thoughts - thanks in advance for helping out a worry-wart!

Jemima xx

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  • Hi Jemima

    I think it's perfectly natural to want to find out for definite what's going on with the pains you're experiencing. It's good that you've contacted your CNS and I'm sure she'll have some sensible advice for you. Of course it may be nothing at all, but surely it would be better to have proof from a scan that that's the case? If the pain is severe enough to want to take a painkiller (and I know what you mean about not taking drugs unless absolutely necessary), I'd take it seriously enough to want to rule anything cancer-like out right now. But perhaps that's just me x

  • Hi Jemima,

    I can so understand why you are concerned, it is normal to feel like this. Like your hubby suggests, I too would get this checked out and if it takes a scan then so be it. We are all the same on here irrespective of our diagnosis, so never apologise for thinking you are not as badly off. Your concern for you is as great as my concern for myself. Getting it checked out will ease your pain and concern and I hope you manage to get this sorted soon. Sending you big caring hugs loveGilly xxxxx

  • Hi Jemima,

    If it were a mild, occasionally irritating pain and I were in your shoes, I'd probably hold off another week or so before taking action, but the pain you've described sounds far worse than that, so if you want to get it checked out, get it checked out! After everything you've been through, no one will think you are wasting their time. You might have been 'lucky' but that doesn't mean your worries are irrelevant.

    I hope you are able to get some reassurance quickly. Waiting around is the pits, isn't it?!

    Yosh x

  • Gosh thanks ladies! You've made me feel a little less like a drama queen! I've taken some painkillers but as they don't seem to be doing much, I am going to head up to bed with my faithful hot water bottle strapped to my front, so we'll see what my CNS comes back with. I'm guessing that if she thinks it's not something to worry about but it persists, i'll have to go about getting a private scan organised (which I had to do the first time before we knew anything of this was going on)...but they may take pity. We'll see. I'm away again in Dec and if this pain persists, I think i'd at least like to know before we head off that things are 'ok' (or not) :/

    Thank you again for your responses, i really appreciate it xx

  • Hi I agree with all the ladies, for peace of mind get it checked out, take care.



  • Hi jemima. I've also had pains around my one remaining ovary. Not needed painkillers but uncomfortable. Also had pains in my thighs which I had before op and disappeared after surgery...until recently. I was told it's normal but to get checked just incase. I'm still having three monthly scans so I mentioned it to my oncologist and my scan on Monday picked up a cyst. It's small and probably a normal cyst which will dissappear itself. It's probably harmless but does go to show how you should trust your body and there's never any harm I'm double checking x

  • Thanks for your response Jen...I'm sorry you've got a new cyst but I guess the good news (for want of a better word) is it's normal looking & small. Are they keeping an eye on it? My 'cyst' looked 'normal' (albeit large) before it was removed & found to be dodgy...gosh it's just all so bloody worrying! My Onc didn't want to see me for 6 months but if this continues I will want scanning (can we really insist on these...?) 😕 Thinking of you Hun xx

  • I'm hoping it's just a regular cyst, scan in a couple of weeks to confirm. just about to start Ivf so I'm a bit anxious. I think you could argue for more regular screening, certainly in first 12 months. it's not easy but trust yourself. you know what feels different. thank you hun x x

  • Good luck with the IVF Hun...I have 2 friends about to start their own rounds (one for the first time, another for the third) so know what it's like. I have everything crossed your cyst is nothing to worry about. I think I will def try & push for a scan. It's been 3 months to the day since my 2nd op & this is the first time I've felt something is up xx

  • You are doing the right thing by getting it checked out and I'm sure your oncologist will be only too happy to give you a scan if you are having symptoms of any kind. I would have thought that if you are still ovulating and menstruating could not the pain be possibly related to that? Try not to worry too much there are many reasons why you could be having pain.x

  • Thanks for your response. I'm on the mini pill so technical not ovulating. Hence the concern 😕 Particularly as the pain seems to be persistent now x

  • I also started to have different sort of pains than the ones I had after my surgery (in March) and went to the doctors last month as I'd had them for over a month. Doc was great and arranged for an ultra sound scan which I had about two and a half weeks ago, nothing suspicious seen at that time but even the doctor said they'd happily do another one if I was still concerned. I'm still having the pains so I'll discuss them with my oncologist when I have my meeting at the end of this month. It may be adhesions, it may be settling, it may be something but I will definitely keep an eye on them and if they continue then I'll ask for another scan.

    I told my doc it's a fine line from being in the surgery all the time and never going in and missing something, he agreed which was good to hear and was very keen to order a ultrasound scan, mind you I did ask for one first! I didn't ask for a CT or MRI at this stage.

    Suggest you contact your doctor first.

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Thanks Clare. Sorry you've been having some pain too but good news your recent scan seemed clear.

    I'd go to my GP but my Onc told me to come straight to her if I had any issues. I obviously went to my GP at the start of all this & she suggested an US scan but as I wasn't considered at all 'at risk', I would have had to wait 6 weeks for one (& at that stage, looked 3 months pregnant) so paid for a private one myself. And good job I did really. I've been told, for now anyway, US scans would be the best way to pick up anything similar so that's what I'd be pushing for. But going back to my Onc team first as that's what I was told to do. If they suggest I go to my GP I will but I'd be concerned I'd be waiting around for a scan like last time! X

  • You may well find out that there are some adhesions from the surgery which are behind the pain (it's quite common) BUT you are absolutely right to get in touch with your Onc. They mean it when they say contact them if any changes /concerns!!!! They are then in a position to check to see what's (or not happening) and will be able to reassure or treat with better speed and resources. Best wishes lovely xx

  • Thanks Hun - my CNS called this morning. She's booked me in my with Onc for next week but is going to talk to her today to see if she would want me to have an US scan too. Last night was awful...the pain was spreading through to my lower back and all down my left leg into my knee!?!? Its dissipated this morning (thank goodness) but I wasn't in a good way last night 😕 I'm sure it probably is just adhesions/scar tissues/remaining ovary objecting to being on its own, but seeing as I had very minimal symptoms last time (until I physically looked different in he mid-drift area!) I just want to get it checked out xx

  • Good luck Mrs A I think you are right to get it seen to if it's causing you concern at all! I am sure it's just scarring or something like that! I got very bad soreness/pain in my groin/hip area few weeks after I finished Chemo! It was very painful especially at night but it's cleared up now and I think what happened is that I might have overdone it at the gym and pulled a muscle! My point is it was fine in the end as I am sure yours will be too!

    All the best!


  • Thanks D - i have been back into my normal gym routine for a few weeks now without any issue. Maybe it is that. We all know these niggly pains can be all sorts of innocent things...but that never seems to quiet the worry. xx

  • You're doing the right thing and so glad your CNS is being so pro-active. The pain needs to be dealt with..sounds like a tough night. Much love xxx

  • I just got the unfortunate news that my cancer is back after almost 2yrs from initial diagnosis. I put off calling doc because I thought it was probably something else. Well, got my scan yesterday and oncologist says it has spread throughout my peritoneum very close to spreading to my liver. Don't put it off. Get a scan. If nothing else it will ease your mind.

  • Gosh I'm sorry to hear this Hun 🙁 I hope your team can put together a plan of action for you that you're happy with!

    I had a scan and although it showed something in my remaining ovary, my Onc suspected it was nothing to worry about and that on my scheduled follow up scan I had back in Feb this year, it was gone. I am always aware of any unusual pains or changes and will always flag these with my Onc at my regular checks.

    Thinking of you Hun and wishing you well for the road ahead xx

  • All the best to you as well. My first scan showed something as well, but kept getting smaller and finally disappeared. Kind of shocked at how suddenly this new stuff showed up. My last scan in November was perfect. OC really is tricky!

  • It really is...😞

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