Studying is over!

I have been a little quiet on the site recently but I am pleased to say it is because I have been writing my dissertation for my masters and it is now complete and handed in - hurrah. It is the end of four years of study and good post chemo days have enabled me to get it completed. My lovely hubby then treated me to a trip to London and dinner in a 2 Michelin star restaurant which was fantastic and coincided with the tenth anniversary of our engagement, ahhhhh!

I get my mid treatment scan result next Friday so will find out if I will have my chemo course extended or stop at 6, can't believe how quickly the treatment course has gone. So am feeling a bit of scan anxiety but have had such fun over the last couple of weeks that OC has been relegated to the bottom of the heap, and that is where it is going to stay.

Have enjoyed catching up with all the blogs and questions and send hugs to you all and for all those mothers - have a great day tomorrow, me.....I'm hoping for some flowers from the cat :-)


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  • Hi Amanda,

    Welcome back, congratulations on finishing your dissertation, I have nothing but admiration for you that you were able to carry on despite what you have been going through, well done.

    sending you my best wishes love x G x :-)

  • Thanks Gwyn very happy to be back on site ;-) and looking forward, keep thinking I should be writing stuff then remember it is all done, relief!!!

  • Hi Amanda

    Well done on completing your dissertation, what a wonderful feeling that must be. So glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to well deserved!

    Good luck with your scan hope it will be good news. It's surprising how quickly the treatment does go, it appears never ending at the beginning.

    Hope your cat doesn't let you down tomorrow, have a lovely day.

    Love Linda xxx

  • Well done Amanda! I remember that feeling! When I wrote mine in the 80's (pre WP) the roof over my study leaked onto 25K words in royal blue washable ink! I almost gave up as I was teaching full time as well! I had to rewrite and get it typed in 3months! Stil handing it in was wonderful! Gave up on the DPhil tho' after 2 years I needed more data and English Sources! With a new grandson competing for attention he won and the rest is history! At least I was not trying to cope with OC!

    Dear jealous of your Michelin starred restaurant! Which one?

    Love M

  • Hi Amanda

    Congratulations on finishing your dissertation. Hope the scan goes well and you've knocked the little blighter into oblivion.

    Chris x

  • Congrats darling - how on earth you kept your focus through all this is a miracle, you must have had an iron will to do this. Am in awe, I promise you. Puts my faffing around with crafty stuff in the shade in a big way. Well done. When do you get feedback from your tutor? Not sure how this works ... Also what is your masters IN? Interested to know if you want to share...


    Sue xxx

  • My masters was in advanced clinical practice and the focus for my dissy was intensive care and pandemic influenza, risk factors for admission etc. I should hear in about 3 months!

    The restaurant was l'atelier robochon and we sat in the square around the kitchen watching what was occurring in the kitchen - oui chef! Good times and luckily for me Margaret no leaking roofs ??

  • Many congratulations on finishing your dissertation Amanda. That does sound interesting. Glad you had a good time celebrating.

    Love & Best Wishes

    Mary xx

  • Many congrats, Amanda. It is a huge relief when it's all given in and you can't do any more revisions, additions etc, etc! Hope you have similar success with next appt. Very well done for keeping going through all are one strong lady!

    Good luck

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Amanda. Congratulations on completing the dissertation. I remember the buzz I got when I picked mine up from the binders and it looked like a proper book. When I look at it again I think 'did I really write that?' Enjoy the feeling.

    Love Linda xxx

  • What an achievement - quite something to work like that while on Chemo!! Glad you

    had a wonderful time celebratng all that hard work with lovely food in a posh restaurant.

    Lots of good wishes for your scan.


  • Many congratulations on this fantastic achievement . I lost my dad and dad in law whilst doing my MSc ,so cannot imagine how you coped with such a illness.


    Charlie xxx

  • Hi Amanda,

    very well done, such a great feeling when you complete such a major piece of work, I am full of admiration for you completing this whilst going through treatment, and I am glad you enjoyed your well deserved treat, lucky you,

    hope the scan is positive,


    Jan x

  • HI Amanda

    Well done, you shouls feel so proud of yourself, good luck with the scan and hoping all goes well for you

    Love Brenda xx

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