Intraperitoneal Chemo Side Effects

Hi everyone, I had 6 IV chemo treatments for stage 4 serous large cell ovarian cancer. Then I had debulking surgery and now I am about to begin intraperitoneal chemo. Can anyone give me an idea of if I'll feel well enough to return to work on the weeks of no chemo? The schedule will be IV chemo with IP chemo following the next day and then another round of IP the next week. Then a 21 day break. I had no nausea with IV chemo the first time but hear IP can be tough. Thanks so much and wishing everyone well!

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  • Hi there Pollygirl I have no experience with this new way of having chemo, I am not sure if it is done a lot on this side of the world. I want to wish you well, you are almost at the finishing post and I hope all wont be as bad as feared

  • Thank you so much suzuki! In reading previous posts about IP chemo I gathered it's not done much across the ocean, at least not yet. I hope this changes as the outcomes are positive, per the studies. I am trying to wipe out of my mind the side effects so I don't set myself up to have them! As we know, we are the placebo effect!

  • Hi Polly

    From my experience I'd say it depends what kind of work you do. If it's the kind you can do from home or if you can do a less demanding form then it may work out

    I should say I had debulking first then 6 rounds of IP/IV on the same days as you mentioned. It accumulates and the more you have the worse you feel. By number six I was just wiped! I couldn't have done my job as a nurse. My gyn / onc pushed for it and despite the stories I'd heard of most not being able to complete it due to side effects I did get through it. Unfortunately I recurred so am having different chemo right now and at the moment on vacation in the Uk and feeling good. Get my next chemo the day after I return to the US.

    Good luck


  • Hi Dee, good point about the kind of work one does! I have a desk job but a drive of about 45 minutes; I guess I'll just have to see what I can do and what I can't. I'm sorry you have had a return but happy there is another kind of chemo for you and that you have felt well enough to take a vacation in the UK. All the best to you Dee.

  • Pollygirl, I had IP chemo and it worked very well. You will definitely feel very bloated, but you'll be amazed at how quickly your body will absorb it. I had a colostomy at the time which made it very hard to stay hydrated so they gave it to me as an in patient and I went home 24 hours later. It saved my life. Almost 5 months NED and enjoying life! Tesla

  • Good to hear that you didn't have too much trouble with it and even better, that it worked! I am hopeful!

  • Don't think it is common to have our chemo through the tummy in uk. I had Op, 6rounds + Avastin for last 5. Nothing since in last year. Call me a wimp, but still not back at work.

    If you really want to & work would help you, then fab! Otherwise, take it easy girl & stay stress free!

  • Intuitively, you would think that IP chemo would be more effective by 'reaching the parts' more directly, so I wonder why it's not much used in the UK. Not that I fancy it much, but it might be interesting to know.


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